Monday, April 30, 2012

April Book List

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock (ibook)
Gifts of War by Mackenzie Ford (library)
The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway (library)
Feed (Newsflesh Book #1) by Mira Grant (iBook)

Recommended: Stephen Leacock is still number one in my books (he he), and I just can't get enough of his short stories, and his unique style of humor. I have a few more to read, so I can drag this out for a couple more months at least. Until my own personal librarian gets antsy and starts asking for them back! HA!

I have started using my Good Reads account for good (instead of evil!?) and am taking advantage of all the lists and "if you liked that, then you might like this" available. The Gone Away World came from one of those. It got off to a great start, then got stuck in what I thought was a ridiculously long flashback, which then turned out to be just the explanation of the "Go Away War" that I was looking for! And the twisty surprise was awesome...the author sure has some "golden cajones" for taking it in that direction. And did I mention there were ninjas!?!? Awesome!!

Feed is a zombie book, in a world of the future where Bloggers are hailed as heroes. Can y'all see why I picked this one? And it was awesome, so I am totally going to pick up Book #2 in the Newsflesh Trilogy as soon as I finish some of these other titles sitting around my house, making me feel guilty!

Fail: Apparently I don't like historical fiction/romance. And I'm okay with that.

I slowed down a bit this month. I think keeping up the breakneck pace was more than I bargained was unsustainable and un-fun! So I put down The Crossing for a couple of weeks in favour of something more simpler and easier (on my brain). And I was a much happier Lisa for it!

Also, I have discovered that if I am reading while running (at the gym), my workout goes by much faster! So I have plans to finally figure out this e-book lending service the library advertised.

And that's April people!
later loves

P.S. Happy Birthday Dan!

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  1. "Feed" makes me think I"m missing out on a lot...


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