Sunday, April 29, 2012

Currently...April 29

time: 1:17am
location: Living room...where else would I be?
eating: Nothing. I am still full from dinner. Delicious "Build Your Own Taco Salad" from Taco Del Mar. Dee-lish.
drinking: Rickards Red
thinking: "Man, this beer is good."
wondering:If I'm going to get anything done tomorrow...but not really caring if I don't (and by "tomorrow" I mean later today...oh my)
wanting: Some chips and guacamole. Yummm...
needing: To ignore the voice in my head that is saying it wants some food! Geesh! And also, to go to bed, I guess.
creating: I'm blogging. For work. And yes, I like to stay busy...
listening: 'Most Beloved' playlist on the iPad.
loving: Nadine for asking me about my "weight loss goal" and telling me I need to post Before & After pics. LOVE YOU!!!
wishing: That I could have that conversation and that it would be easy and wonderful and make things so much more.
hoping: I get the job.

later loves

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