Friday, April 27, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

My new plan to take lots and lots of Instagrams during the week has paid off! I try to carry my iPad with me at all times so I have more photos to include in the album. And even if I don't use all the pictures I can more easily remember what we were doing each day with a visual reminder.

I keep those home-made journaling tags by my DR table so I can jot notes down at the end of the day, so there is less work to do when I finally sit down to build my pages.

And I am almost "caught up"...I never thought it would happen!

I like that I have finally found my PL style. It is random and haphazard like my regular style! I do enjoy seeing how other people have approached their PL, but I am mostly just admiring now instead of trying to get any tips! I am beyond help!!

I love seeing all the different styles and approaches to this project! I love Elise's clean lines and large photos. I love how Nadine packs her pages with photos and writing about her sweet Anna. I love how Ginger always includes photos of dinner...mouth-watering homemade dinners. Oh my goodness! I love that Julie's pages sort of look like mine, and are filled with her big loopy handwriting. I love the colour on Michelle's and  how she has managed to make an art journal-Project Life Baby! And I love how Jenni manages to fit so much into her book, and how super cute and organized it is.

And those are only six ladies out of the thousands that are documenting their life in this way! Some are friends and some are strangers. But all are fabulous!

Do you have a favourite "Project Lifer"?
Please leave her name in the comments! I would love to meet more!!

later loves


  1. Thank you for including me. Way to go on getting your pages done. Now if only I could follow. Can't wait to hang out at work.

  2. ohhh you are very sweet Lisa, thank you for the mention :) I am really amazed at how many people are actually doing PL and there is so much interest from those who are not. Of course I love to see what you and Nadine are doing and then I have a few other regulars I look at. I am really happy to hear you have found a rhythm Lisa - and I love how your creative spirit shines through :)

  3. I love seeing all the different styles too. I really love YOUR style, tho.


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