Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Skinny Mini"

This is my new nickname at work. I blush, and stay "no, stop," but I lurve it!

Last week I posted a couple of times about my new look (here and here) and this week I have one more.

And then I'm done with this here.


I will start by saying: Jessica Simpson, I love you.

More specifically I love that when I went to the Bay try on dresses (for Jill's wedding, more on that later) I picked up a 12 in one of your beautiful teal and red numbers, and it was too big. I could have kissed you at that moment.

It wasn't the take-home dress of the day, but I did enjoy prancing around in the size 10 for a moment or two!

The next part of this story that makes me want to laugh and cry all in the same breath.

I grabbed a dress (the winner this time) in a size 14 and it was too big. There weren't a lot of sizes to choose from, but I found a 12 and tried it on. It was a little bit tight in the waist, and shorter than I anticipated, but it looked much more flattering than the larger size.

And then I actually looked at the tag.

I had to look a couple of times to be sure.

It was a size 6.

I fit in to a fricken size 6!

Granted, the dress is meant to fit a little loose I think, but I fit in to a fricken size 6 people!!

It's a Christmas Miracle!!!

I was going to wait to purchase it before I got someone's second opinion (who that person would have been is still a giant question mark), but I figured it was meant to be so I picked it up!

I got loads of compliments at Jill's wedding, including an inappropriate one from a (much) older gentleman in the elevator...ewww!

I'll post photos later, with a wedding re-cap as well. Everyone was looking so great that night! Even KC dressed up...another Christmas Miracle!!

later loves


  1. Whoot Whoot! I actually just cheered for you! Eeeee!
    Sexy skinny mini!

  2. Please excuse the forthcoming all caps spam that you'll get in...3...2...

    A SIX???? Holy crap nuggets. You looked AWESOME Friday and now that I know it was A SIX!!!! (4 exclamation points, for emphasis) you looked even more awesome. M-Awesome!!!!

    1. Oh you are too sweet! I didn't actually buy the six...that would have been ridiculous!

  3. WHISTLE, CLAP, CHEER! You look mahvalous, dahling!

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  5. OK, the Unknown post was me, your anutie. I'm a klutz. I'm just trying blogging, mainly so I could add the odd comment to yours and not just feel like a stalker, 'cause I read yours all the time. So here is what I was trying to say....YOU look GREAT, Congratulations! You have inspired me. I joined Weight Watchers and so far I am down 7.2 lbs.


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