Monday, February 27, 2012

Status Update

Sometimes all it takes is to one night's sleep to find that all of those terrifyingly giant problems that were plaguing you yesterday aren't so humongous and life-changing after all.

You know the ones. They make you second-guess and third-guess yourself.

You made a decision that seemed completely awesome at the time, then turned out to be completely idiotic and the opposite of "well-thought-out."

You said something that you should have just kept to yourself.

You should have spoken out, but kept quiet instead.

Okay, maybe this "one night's sleep" thing doesn't work for every problem.

But it does temper the blow to your sanity (and your ego).

It gives you a new perspective on the storm that you thought was brewing.

It gives you a moment to reflect in hindsight.

I hate hindsight...I would much rather employ foresight.

Unlikely to find that happening any time soon.

I guess the good thing about all of this is that it's great fodder and inspiration for my kind of art-making.

Have I found my muse!?

Emo Lisa Out

later loves

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  1. Powerful words, Lisa. Thank you.


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