Thursday, December 08, 2011

Out in the World

Here are some fun things that are happening out there in the world in the next little bit:

Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, December 10. Be up super early Saturday morning for a glimpse of the red, dog-bitten moon as it sets. In Edmonton we probably won't be able to see much past the full eclipse, but if you are tuning in from BC or Alaska, set your alarms! I'm going to try and get my arse out of bed to check it out. Anyone want to join me?? Or is that a no...

Total Lunar Eclipse 08-28-07. Credit: Conrad Jung

Look to the skies again on December 13, 14 and 15 as the Geminid meteor shower reaches its peak. Grab a blanket and head outside any time after 9pm. The moon will be bright those nights, so you won't see as many as you might in other years.

Locally, Metro Cinema has some great shows for us again this month, including Die Hard 2 showing on December 21st. And the Butterdome Craft Show is up and running this weekend. Super locally, TM is doing their Christmas Crop over the weekend, which means yours truly is putting in some time there.

I miss this blog I used to read, the edmontonian. They would always post a huge list of things going on around town. Now where am I supposed to get all my E-town news in one place!?!? Argh!

New Music: Thanks to Dan Destroyer for recommending the soundtrack for The Darjeeling Limited. I downloaded it before bed last night, and absolutely LOVE IT! Also, I was surprised by a song playing on the radio this morning. It seemed sort of out-of-character for the regular Sonic fare I hear on the way to work (or don't hear, cause I usually put it on XMU). Check out Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye. I am going to try and find it on the web to download later today.

Also, is it too ridiculous to buy myself a Christmas present? Just one. Maybe two. If I don't get a record player for Christmas I might just cry. Santa? I've been really good this year. Pretty please...

p.s. I have lots of post ideas for the next little bit. I'm trying to figure out what kinds of things I want to focus on in the next little bit, some different topics and some of the same. If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see, or would like for me to continue with, shout it all out!


  1. It all depends how early is early. lol

  2. Early is pre-dawn, 3am-ish.

  3. Early meaning, one could return to bed for a nap? Do you think it's dark enough on the hill between us we could meet for 3am hot chocolate (with baileys?)


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