Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mexico De-briefing

Here are some photos from our trip. This first one is just the beach outside our hotel. The huts in the centre of the photo are for massages, and the one off on the right is the bar!

 This is at one of the adjoining resorts. We stayed in the Palace, so we were able to wander anywhere we wanted. There were a lot of pools!

 The building way behind me is our main building. We're not even halfway down the beach.

At XPLOR, this is one of the zip-line towers. We had a great time there!

At the Agave restaurant at the Maya Beach hotel. I ate so much pico, guac and chips that week!

Happy wedding day! The weather was perfect, the location, and the view was spectacular! And Veronica looked gorgeous and so happy!!

We ate our dinner in the same area in which the ceremony took place. It was pretty romantic, all the palm trees covered in light. There were these sweet carved cantaloupes in the centre of all the tables, with a candle inside. At our table: Dan, Lisa, Russ, Lisa, Ryan. Yes, there were two of us awesome Lisas at the wedding...and two Ryans as well!

There was a lot of time between the ceremony and the reception so we got in some more beach time, and R & I played some strange mini golf.

Our second excursion was to Tulum. Nice ruins, a great ocean view, but we were super pressed for time so we kind of just ran through it!

Dan, Russ & Morna. We ended up spending a lot of time with these two both together and separately. And like I keep saying, the best part of this trip was definitely the company!

The second part of this excursion was to Xel-Ha, which is a huge natural aquarium. You get a snorkel set, and just go at it! It was so much fun! I wish we had more time there.
There was an all-included buffet and beverage station at this excursion as well. Dan & I enjoyed some cervesas in the setting sun. 

And that is all! We had such a great time. All of Alexander's friends are so similar to Russ & I, and we all got along well together! Dan & I even rocked the casbah with a little karaoke on Saturday night! We performed the only English songs of the evening! HA!

Today I am (supposed to be) working on laundry, dishes, and all those scrapbooking things on my plate. But what I really want is a venti Americano and a maid!


  1. Just p.s. miss lisa both your dresses look so dang fabulous!!! Miss you and can't wait to see you in March!

  2. WONDERFU7L photos!!

  3. I'm still in my gloomy post-vacation blues phase but I should start to get my thoughts down before I forget everything that happened! I can't beleive it has been a week already!


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