Monday, November 14, 2011

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While we were in the states (in Minneapolis to be exact) we used up a rainy morning at a local Container Store. I lurve this store...but it can be overwhelming. Russ bought more than me, that's how overwhelmed I was!

But I did pick up a set of russell & hazel rubberbands to use on my Smash book and my planner at home. I love these things! They also have some amazing notebooks and planners, with a tonne of page options! A bit on the pricey side, but very customizable, and kind of totally awesome!

And I was excited to see that Two Peas carries russell & hazel stuff! Yay! Not that I am going to be buying any of it any time soon, but it still makes me a happy camper to know it's at least possible with nominal shipping costs! Maybe I should add it to my Xmas list...hmmm...

Want to see some more overwhelming book-related things? Then check out this post from Polka Dot Robot: Love for Libraries. Wowee wow wow! Would it be weird to plan a vacation around the best libraries in the world? I'd have to take just the right person with me on that trip! probably wouldn't be Russel!! Sorry hun!

Speaking of Libraries, here's a memory for you.

I have always loved books and libraries. Mom used to take us to the one in the basement of Southgate mall and we would wander through the kid's section and pick out whatever we wanted. That was a special library. Later, I started going there for fun, taking out books about fairies and mythology, making notes and pouring over indexes so I could stock up on new books when the old ones were due back.

Going to University was like heaven for me...they have a tonne of libraries! I remember the first time I was in the Rutherford Library, which is the "arts" library on campus. Half of the building is a "new" build, and the other half is historical and they are joined by an atrium right smack dab in the middle. I always loved that you could stand inside and look at the old outside of the building!

I remember making my way up to the fourth floor or something, on the "new" side and when I got out of the stairwell and into the stacks I just stopped. There were so many books. I couldn't get over it! Row upon row of books. I got a little light-headed!!

And in the "old" library, on the second floor, there is a big study hall that is lined with bookshelves. It is so quiet in that huge room, and packed full during exams!

In the basement of old Rutherford is all the super old books. The roof is only two feet above my heads, and the stacks are super close together. The lighting was so sub-par and a little spooky. That was a special place to be. I bet a lot of makeout sessions took place in the back corners...not that I would be involved with any of that!

Later in my time there, I even loved going to the medical library to find out info about syphilils and other strange medical and forensic anthropology topics. It was a nice, bright library, but it's photocopiers always hated me.

I have a friend who now works at Cameron Library on campus. I am so jealous...

Is that enough chatting for you today?!?!

Are there any places in this world that fill you with breath-taking wonder?

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  1. I think libraries hold the keys to the kingdom Any kingdoma, all kingdoms.


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