Thursday, November 10, 2011

Webster's Pages...for TM

I had forgotten about this layout! I started it ages ago, then forget to print the photo. So I put it aside on my table, and it got moved, and shuffled and stored, and not lost (miracle). Well, I finally printed the photos for it last week, and finally finished this bad boy.
This was my "challenge" product last month, so these layouts will start showing up on the TM Inspiration blog soon. Webster's Pages isn't your typical-Lisa fare, but it was fun playing with something different, something that I might not have picked for myself.

For all your Webster's Pages needs, check out this link. I used the "All About Me" line on this page.


  1. A lovely page, which shows off the pretty papers and the happy photos!

  2. This is perfect for these lovely pitures. Pure happiness!


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