Wednesday, November 09, 2011's coming

This same cool-numbered day last year was commemorated in a terrible video, a cute mini book, and some fun giveaways. I was feeling very melancholy, and nostalgic and it showed.

This year, much will be the same. Hopefully less melodrama, and more excitement!

It falls on Remembrance Day this year, so I'm sure I will be reflecting on the things I am most grateful for, and things that I don't take for granted because life is too short.

a look last year...10-10-10
I wrote (a lot) about the day while sitting on a picnic table behind my housing complex. This is my go-to picnic table when I need a moment. It's also where the neighbourhood hooligans go with their pot and beer, so it's a little skuzzy most of the time, but oh well!

I took some photos. I didn't do my hair or make up. I was wearing a lot of grey. I felt okay.

This year...I am working on a little gratitude journal to celebrate this fun day! We'll see how that goes...I haven't actually put much thought into it and am just now remembering that I wanted to do this. HA!

*updated: I finished most of it last night. It's already mostly decorated, but I have left space (and pockets) for photos and journaling. I'm hoping Russ will be home that day so we can do some fun family things!

Page One: I am grateful for all my blog readers!

P.S. Have you entered the giveaway yet?? Check out this post, and leave a comment! It kind of got lost in the "Lisa went crazy with posts" moment I had the other day...oops! The deadline to enter is midnight on November 22nd! M'kay. That gives you lots of time, and I'll be sure to give you lots of reminders too!


  1. im sad i missed this last year!!
    hope 11-11-11 is awesome for you! i'll be celebrating at a wedding (i'm jealous of their date haha)

  2. And if you recall, MY 10-10-10 book last year was an album YOU made! Woo Hoo!


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