Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blogger FYI > Pinterest

Hi Ladies! I have finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon (among others) and just wanted to give you some starting out tips if you haven't jumped on yourself!

Linking Pinterest Images
Pinterest solves the great problem of websites like Tumblr and We{heart}it. It allows the original source and creator of the image to be linked no matter how many times the image is re-pinned! If you are an artist, photographer or care at all about your original ideas, this is a huge deal!!

So in keeping with the spirit of Pinterest, please continue linking the original source when you post Pinterest images on your blogs! Pinterest has made it really super easy to do this...they want the images to remain in tact just as much as the artists do! And I'm going to show you a nice step-by-step on the process here!

Step One: You find an image you like in the vast array of images (omg it's overwhelming isn't it!).

Step Two: Instead of just clicking "RE-PIN" up in the corner, click on the image itself. This opens up a screen showing the image on a larger scale, as well as the thumbnails of other images this user has created!

Step Three: If you look to the LEFT of the image, you will see a bunch of buttons. This allows you to tweet the image or like on Facebook with one click. But they one we're interested in reads "EMBED". Go ahead and click on it.

Step Four: Clicking on "EMBED" opens up a screen with some code and stuff on it. You can change the top number (circled) to be whatever maximum width your blog allows (I always set mine to 500). The number below (the height) will change automatically. Now COPY the long bit of HTML code in the big box. An easy way to do that is click inside the box, hold CTRL+A on the keyboard and then copy it (CTRL-C is a good keyboard shortcut to know!).

Step Five: Go to your blog, open up a new post and click on the tab marked Edit HTML. Now paste the code right there.

And you will have a lovely image show up on the Compose side of things! See...

But the best part is the little part at the bottom...

This gives you the link to the original source, plus whoever Pinned it first, with a link to Pinterest as well! This keeps the integrity of the image intact so don't go and delete this part!!

And that is posting images from Pinterest. CHANTEL I did this one for you and your Top Five Pinterest Thursdays! It is super easy and means you don't have to continually save images to your computer before posting them to your blog and there is size editing built right in!

If you aren't on Pinterest and want to be, you need an "invite"...so drop me a line and I'll be happy to invite you! I am forewarning you about the "time-suck" potential of this site...you might see afternoons disappearing into oblivion while you pin pin pin away!

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