Monday, August 22, 2011


I have been working on my WITL pages and layouts for the past couple of days. Once I got a loose plan in my head, I just started playing and putting stuff together.

I'm using:
- 3.5x5 photo storage pages from the Container Store. These fit perfect into my binders and can accommodate lots of photos and journaling.
- Trading card sheets. I buy these at the Dollar Store. Each slot fits a wallet-sized photo perfectly, journaling is easy to add, and they also look super cool with embellishments on top of the plastic!
- 6x12 American Crafts page protectors that have been cut down to fit my 8.5x11 binders. I cut an inch off the top, and punch new holes! This adds another layer to the book; some variety.
- 8.5x11 page protectors. Want to know a secret? I buy these by the hundreds from Staples...they are super cheap! And I only have to go shopping every year or so. Oh, and I recently found a whole box at Value Village so my cheap solution got even cheaper!

The scrapbooking supplies are all things I have in my stash. I didn't buy anything new specifically for this project, and there is no colour or pattern scheme throughout. It's all pretty life.

Here is a sample...I'll be posting more throughout the week...

This is one of the trading card pages. You can see where I've added areas for journaling, as well as embellishments above the plastic. I've been trying to take mostly vertical photos with these pages in mind, but sometimes things don't work out that way! I glue those horizontal photos to the outside of the page and embellish behind and around them.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of my WITL! I've got lots more to do, but I already have a lot done, which is so satisfying! Some of the major layouts are on display at TM. I can't wait to show you the finished product!

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  1. OMG do you order those page protectors? There isn't a container store here is there?? I'm getting some "we are memory maker" ones from TM which I cannot wait for. I'm going to use them for my Christmas Album. Your album is looking fabulous Lisa!


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