Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Favourite...music to live to!

So last night (that's March 16, not sure when this is going to post) Russ and I were catching up on some SNL episodes. First and foremost, find Zach Galifinakis' monologue on the internet, pull on some adult diapers, and watch that bad boy! You will laugh and laugh and laugh. The adult diapers are for when you pee yourself after laughing so much.

Secondly, check out the Miley Cyrus episode, but not for Miley (although, she was surprisingly good). You want to "fast forward" to the musical guest. I will never type those words again, so heed my advice. the Strokes will blow your mind...I'm, just saying. If you like that sort of thing. For those of you who have been known to play a little Guitar Hero, you might recognize their song Reptilia. And there latest single is ah-ma-zing. And surprisingly, this is the one and only occurrence so far in my life where I don't have an immediate crush on the bass player. Hmmm. I will say, and I did say to Russel actually, that these guys must like the Ramones!

Guilty pleasure music. A touchy subject. We all have some song or other on our iPods that we maybe wouldn't want to share with the cute guy down the street that we're trying to impress. Last night I found one of my catchy and embarassing Zumba songs online, promptly downloaded it, and have been listening to it ever since. It is the perfect song to listen to on a snowy morning drive when everybody else is driving like an idiot and getting into accidents that impede my commute. Normally the sailor vocabulary would come out in full force. But when Evacuate the Dance Floor is on, I find I don't care about those things. It was a smooth drive, and I think I listened to the song a couple dozen times this morning, and I'm still smiling! Go Cascada!

Apparently, this song is unembeddable, c/o You Tube...thanks dudes. So you'll just have to take one more step and click on the link yourself: here is the video.

On another note: I find it so fascinating when you are given a glimpse into how others see you. I find that I get a lot of compliments (I guess you could call them that) about my person. My (crazy) hair, my (crazy) glasses, my (crazy) clothes. The other night my Zumba instructor told me that she could tell I wasn't a shy person because of the way I dress and the way I do my hair. I am beginning to wonder if I am breaking down some sort of social barrier between people and expressing their true feelings (about my hair). Does this happen to everyone? Or is it just me and my (crazy) hair?

Also, isn't Major Tom by Peter Schilling the coolest song?

Also, I have been thinking about doing another Vlog (that's video blog), but I am not sure what I want to talk about specifically. I always have lots (and lots) to talk about, but I thought I would get your opinions/suggestions. Anything you want to hear me talk about?? Let me know here...


  1. Aaaah this is too funny, in our hula hooping class we have the same song, and at first I was like 'oh....a club song' and then I realized it's aweeeesome!!

    Also, how do you like Zumba? I'm thinking of adding either another hoop class or something else if I can swing it, and I'd like suggestions. (Do you know if she's going to run another "session"?)

  2. Number One: Zumba is my favorite. I love all of the songs; they remind me of my wedding.

    2: I think that I break social barriers with my height, so yes, your hair is definitely ground breaking. (Ask Jill and I how the Zumba ladies love it when the tall girls stand in front...)

    C: Please Vlog about how you choose your outfits, your awesome artwall in your living room or an unfounded, unreasonable fear :)


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