Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday DIY -'s another wreath!

I really needed to replace the wreath I had on my door...remember this one? It was so faded and really not looking so great anymore.

So I pulled out the larger of the foam wreaths I got from Laurie's garage sale way back in the summer, and using some inspiration from those fabulous wreaths I posted earlier, I made this beauty...

And like the purple and green one, nothing is glued on, so I can reuse this foam wreath form over and over again! Yay me! Okay, the embellishments are glued onto the paper, but the paper isn't glued on to the wreath so shuttup...

I ripped strips out of an old book, then pinned them in place. Once I had a substantial section covered with paper, I went back over with the ivory yarn. This holds the strips of paper in place, and to hold the yarn in place I placed pins on the back side of the wreath. I kept this up until the entire wreath was covered. I did this while watching Jeopardy.

Then I found some neutral pattern paper in my stash ( entire 12x12 sheet unscathed!), traced the wreath on it and cut it out. It is also pinned in place. If you angle your pins, you can get them in there without them interfering with hanging the piece.
The back side of the paper doesn't match, but who cares?

The flowers on the edge of the wreath are pinned on, which is easy to accomplish because they are fabric flowers. The chipboard word was a little harder, but with a little bending of my dressmaker pins, I was able to secure it to the wreath without too much trouble or swearing.
It is a wonderful fall-inspired wreath. And it barely took any time or energy to make! Now, that's my kind of craft. So go pick up some foam or vine wreaths from your local thrift store, or dig through your stash of forgotten decorations at home and get to work peeps.

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  1. Sweet, Lisa. I like how you've backed it with paper.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! I LOVE it! Very gorgeous!


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