Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Halloween Inspiration

Etsy Ideas...but don't just go and search Etsy to find handmade decor. There's a lot of tacky garbage out there...oh my!

I'm beginning to think this would be an awesome costume!
for Lucas...and then I could be the Wicked Witch of the West! (Just the regular, spooky version though...not the "sexy" version...geeze Louise)
I am confused as to why some of the flying monkey costumes are brown and some are bluish grey. Which was it people!?

All this talk of the Wizard of Oz makes me want to read the original book and find all the other books I have in my house. I found it online...what a nice way to pass the time.

I've been thinking of doing something like this for myself. I could go back through my old anatomy textbook and get some good prints...maybe one year I'll get my butt in gear and get on that!

Speaking of skulls...

How amazing would this be as a costume! And how much work to get it "just right" wow... I found a really amazing face-paint job on Etsy last week, and now I can't find it again! ARGH! And I can't find the source for this photo either...poot.
On that note: how cool would a Sugar Skull Party be!?! Possibly the best part of this page is the following statement: "If you have access to any children"...umm yes? Also this line: "Remember, in Mexico, if there are [sic] an odd number of dancers, the odd man out has to dance with a broom!" I'm not making this stuff up! But really, it would just be fun to decorate sugar skulls and eat lots of food and crank the tunes. And make everyone dress up...can't forget that! And now that I am fully committed to the "Sugar Skull" search...

And since I love anything geeky, this sugar skull print is too fun for words. I also found a cross stitch pattern for a lady sugar skull with some crazy rockabilly hair. Also these...
Aren't they too fab for words? Not to mention the artist is from Medicine Hat!

I'm thinking that next week I want to do lots of Halloween crafts with Lucas...HA! We'll see if he gets into the spirit this year. We have finally decided on a costume (thanks Mom!), so I have some accessories shopping to do. Plus, I still need to come up with something for myself. Value Village here I come!

k. m outta here. word to your mothers.

later skater alligator

photo sources: flying monkey costume, movie screen shot, skull print, makeup (unknown), green sugar skull painting (it's a stupid tumblr link within a blog...argh), ukulele sugar skull print, sugar skull wood brooch

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  1. I always love what you find, Lisa! These are no exception.


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