Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday DIY

I made another wreath. I was sick and tired of the winter one hanging on my door. Bored, really. So I pulled out one of the foam wreaths I bought at Fabulous-Laurie's recent garage sale, and some fabric scraps, and brads, and created this lovely! My "colour theme" for my front porch this year is green and purple with some orange accents. So my wreath is just helping the theme along!

You will need:
- foam wreath form
- strips of fabric
- brads that are pointy (or fabric tacks, or studs...ooh that would look super cool!)
- yarn, ribbon, string (to hang it up)
- any extra embellies you like

You won't need:
- glue, glue gun, glue stick, etc.
- needle and thread
- any sewing skills whatsoever

First you'll need to cut your fabric into strips. An inch or so wide is plenty. And it doesn't really matter how long they are, but they do need to be long enough to wrap around your wreath form at least once!

Take your first fabric strip and wrap it around the wreath form. Starting from the back at least hides one seam. When you've reached the end of the strip, grab a brad and push it all the way through the fabric into the foam. This holds the fabric in place without having to sew it or glue it. Plus, you can remove the fabric and change it up once you inevitably get sick of it!!

Grab the next strip and do the same thing. You can overlap the ends and use one brad to secure both strips, or you can place them end to end and use two brads...whichever look you like best.

If my fabric strip ended at the back, I used an ugly leftover brad that didn't match the wreath...why waste all the nice ones if you're not going to see them. For some reason I have a whole package of pink brads...well...not anymore!!

To change things up a bit, and to add a little more texture, I used a big rosette that Juli sent me. I have no idea where she bought them (sorry ladies), but I do know that TM just got in the Webster Pages rosette ribbon which is so beautiful I want to wrap myself in mind!! I am going to check out the price tag and see if another wreath wrapped in these guys would be worth it!

To hang, I cut a piece of yarn, tied a bow at one end, and attached the other to the back of the wreath with another ugly pink brad. This isn't the most sturdy of options, so I am looking into it.

Does anyone have any ideas for extra things I can use to make my front porch look more inviting? I have started planting my containers - mostly leafy things, with some bright marigolds thrown in for accent - and I have some hanging planters with purple flowers in them, but I feel I need something else. Might have to make a stop at VV next week to look for outdoor-appropriate decor!


Also, I forgot to post a winner for my Wreck this Journal "contest" that was running a couple of weeks ago. I'm sending the book out to Electra...if she hasn't already run out to purchase it for herself! Congrats my dear!

Reminder to all my Supplies Swap buddies...the deadline has passed (like two weeks ago!) so you should already have received your package(s). Chantel...hey Chantel...I know you have baby on the brain, but...

Anyhoo...I work the crop tonight at TM, so any visitors would be much appreciated. I hope to be making a giant mess. Also, I am having a great hair week. FYI.

Check back this weekend for some pics of my new lamp in my studio...ooh ahh. Must go buy shelves today and install before Russ gets home and pronounces judgement on them.

Funny things Lucas says:
"Mom you're full of it"
"You've got to be kidding me"

later skater alligator


  1. Oo! Oo!! How great is this news!?
    I can hardly wait-must finish the Keri Smith book I'm currently excited, thank you!!

  2. Love that wreath Lisa - the colors are awesome!

  3. Umm... okay. That wreath is REALLY cool. Please commission yourself to Anthro before you do anything else.


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