Thursday, May 20, 2010

is anybody out there?

today is a show and share day! on my blog!!

won't you join in?

here's another question for you...when I post layouts here, is there any information you would like to know specifically about the layout? Like the product i used, or the techniques, or my inspiration, or whatever? I just post them for fun, but I can make it more informative if that's what people like!

{sorry the pictures are so dark...the light is just not great at home right now...}

This one was in response to Twisted Sketches #50. I thought I would flip the sketch on its side and go from there. But I wasn't looking at the sketch when I did the layout, I was just going by memory, so it ended up looking nothing like the sketch...not really.

But I still love it!
And this is my new favourite "technique." I flicked some Ranger Colour Wash (in stream) on the background in giant blobs. Then while it was still wet I sprayed Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (in Bubbles) all over the background. Where it mingled with the Colour Wash, it created a neat watered down effect, but it dries faster than water and now the whole background is sparkly. love it.

Just a random layout, featuring some old and new stuff from my stash. The bicycle is part of a sticker set from the new American Crafts line "Dear Lizzy" won't stay down. It is kind of driving me crazy.


This one was created with the photos from this day in mind. I just grabbed a scrap sheet of paper and "went to town" can see some of the text and highlighter that seeped through the paper from the other side!

I love how each circle is like a mini scrapbook page! I used some of the strange glittered KandCo. stickers that Ginger included in our Swap. They were a little too "in your face" for me, so I separated the layers and cut them down. Thankfully the colours are right up my alley: yellow, teal, orange and red!

Also, this is a cool picture. But my Blog won't save GIFs, so I'm just posting the link. Great colour and style!

And I've been up for hours now, and haven't actually accomplished anything, so I'm off to do just that!

later skater alligator


  1. really lovely layouts!

    i love your use of the glimmer mist -- i've just recently started using it! ADDICTIVE!! lol.

  2. Very cool background. I'll have to get on top of my visiting, and maybe make it in time for the next show and share! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Oop, I figure if I want to know specifics about your LO's I can always ask.

  4. Your Layouts are gorgeous! And I never thought to take those stickers apart, I'm happy they worked for you! I actually would like to know where you get your inspiration for your layouts - is it from all the cool blogs you check out, or do you have thoughts in your head about a photo before you even start the layout?

  5. Great LO for the Twisted Sketch and it's npt so far off it. I think you are very brave splattering like that!!
    Thanks for playing along woth the sketch.


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