Wednesday, May 19, 2010

taking a break

from housework (ugh) to bring you this.

i love bags, but I also can't bring myself to buy anymore bags because that would be bad. I haven't finished the re-make of my ratty old bag yet. But when it's done, it's gotta last!

{photo source} this picture was taken in the Ace Hotel in Portland.
Just one of many reasons I would love to travel there.

{source} This lady has some super cute layouts and projects on her blog, and she is the Twisted Sketches guest artist this go-round, and her name is Lisa! I'm thinking of trying something like this in my bedroom as well. So fun, and simple, and what a statement!

What is with the weather right now? I hope it rains again. I got some plants in some pots yesterday and they could use some life juice. For now I'm just glad I can keep all the windows open and the lights off.

Russ bought a Dyson vacuum with some of our tax refund. I was skeptical, but now I am in love. I actually want to vacuum the whole house...gosh I hope he doesn't read that!!!

later skater alligator

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