Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"said the whale"

I am so happy to be back here. A week away is just too long. I felt stretched very thin last week. Barely any time to just sit and exist. This week has been one of reflection. What I can and cannot do as a person, versus what I really want and need. It's a tough discussion to have with yourself.


On to some pictures. I must have a smudge on my lens, cause all my pictures from the last little bit look smudgy. Dangit!

May 14 - At the park. This was the three-playground day! First we stopped at Hawrelak to see the geese and ducks. I brought some snacks to eat. And we played at the playground there for a little bit.

He found a mermaid Barbie (probably from a Happy Meal) at the playground in Argyll. And he carried it around with him everywhere! She was a good playmate...she even came home with us.
It was a super fun day. And exhausting for both of us. We still managed to make it to another playground before the end of the night, this time closer to home.

Robin and Mark's wedding on Saturday. I've known Robin since elementary school. All my buddies were was totally fun to catch up. And it was a karaoke wedding! Yay! I sang Lady Gaga's Poker Face, which was a crowd favourite, and Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby, which cleared the dance floor. I crave the attention, oh my (dripping with sarcasm).

These are all my friends from various school years, with spouses/boyfriends. It's pretty much all girls except for Scott in the middle...lucky guy (!?!?). This picture is craptacular - wrong setting, set the timer - but at least we're all there...except for the bride and groom! Ha!

yes...we are this hot in real life!

i took a bunch of goofy timer shots of myself...with Russel standing beside the camera watching me (you can see the edge of his arm in this shot). Lucas was chasing around some other kids, but I managed to wrangle him to sit for this one.

The fam. We are just so fabulous!

I didn't get any nice pictures of Robin and Mark, or of Robin's dress which was so beautiful! This is pretty much the only one where they're both smiling and in focus...but the read alien eyes are kind of creepy. They are a couple who are most like me...the recessional was the march from Star Wars. Played by a five-piece string group...pretty much totally awesome.

And my girl Lindsay did the flowers...props! They are so beautiful, and really perfect for the wedding.

that's all for now. I have so much more to share, including pictures of my slowly-coming-together studio! It's still messy, but at least the table is in there now and I can start organizing things. I have been throwing together  layouts here and there, but don't have any pictures printed to use...I know...I'm crazy that way!

Confession: I check KC and Chantel's blogs hourly for any news on the Baby Front. 

later skater alligator

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