Monday, May 17, 2010

why didn't I post this??

Must art journal the heck out of my summer.

hey you, check this out: Dispatch from LA, Remains of the Day class

I finally got the table out of the basement and into the spare room upstairs. It is getting use to it's new home in the sun and the space and the pink walls.

It is really enjoying itself. And was actually clean and uncovered for about 20minutes after it made it into the room. I gave it some time to breathe and catch up downstairs before Russ and I hauled it up the twenty eight stairs. It got a rejuevenating vinegar scrub down as well. Always good for the pores.

Some of the crap on the floor made it into and onto shelves and drawers. I can see the need for some simple shelves up the wall.

I have decided that if something doesn't immediately have a home, or the solution to its homelessness isn't immediately apparent, it is going in the garbage or the equivalent.

I am excited to start creating again. For reals.

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