Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall is for Foxes

For me, fall and foxes go together for some reason. Maybe it's the ruddy brown colour, or the warm fur. Maybe you can find inspiration in these images just as I have!

(I think this last one would make a great Halloween Costume!!)

I'm thinking of starting a grass roots movement that would make the FOX the official mascot for Thanksgiving, not the idiotic turkey. Really? A turkey!? Just cause we eat it for Thanksgiving, doesn't mean it has to show up in cartoon form on napkins, greeting cards, and those goofy paper bell things that you put in the centre of your table.

Foxes, my friend...just think about it.

later skater alligator


  1. I LOVE the first photo... I would be up for the movement...Any animal that runs around and says "gobble gobble" doesn't seem to be the smartest (they are tasty though), unlike the fox who is very smart!

  2. I'm in. Foxes have SO much more class than turkeys. I mean, just look at your pictures!


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