Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just Pretend

You'll have to pretend that this post actually went live on Sunday, and not Tuesday morning. Oops! I am going to blame this particular brain fart on the headache I have had for the past two days!

Note: this video is so loser, but I had to post it, I had to publish it. Please give me (and my terrible windy hair) the benefit of the doubt, and don't judge us too harshly!

my 10-10-10 Video from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo.

Happy 10-10-10 to everyone...I hope you had a more productive/interesting/wonderful day than I did!

later skater alligator


  1. Lisa, I LOVE your glasses! You're awesome! Can you be my personal style guru?

  2. You're a whole entire video ahead of me! I went out and took pictures to put in your precious album and I WILL post them when I'm done, but that could be 10/10/11. lol


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