Wednesday, September 29, 2010

life as it is today

I missed...
- the start of fall...all those beautiful yellow trees are making me weak in the knees!
- the colours of Edmonton...indigo sky with yellow leaves

I want to make...
- something with gold stars

- felt things...we saw an amazing art installation in this funky store in Portland...musical instruments and a bicycle and a stop sign all made from felt! Lucas really loved it! There were smaller pieces you could buy (toothpaste, shaving cream, among other things). Unfortunately, the bus was arriving right then, so we had to leave the store (and then we promptly got off the bus because it was packed and we figured we could walk faster!). I wish I had taken down the name of the artist. Maybe I got a photo of the front window...

- socks...knitted socks. this was an item on my 30 B4 30 list that I just never got to. I have a crazy-awesome knitting friend that I will have to call for assistance on this matter!
it's finally that time again
- a birthday list! apparently I forgot to do that before I left, so I really didn't get any gifts! oops!

I did not miss...
- the lethargy and headache and weird feeling in the back of my throat I get after sitting in my paint-stinky office all still reeks of paint fumes in here, even though they painted a month ago!
- the mess that is my house (I missed my home, but not the mess, get it yo!?)

I miss Portland already...
- the beautiful public transit system Portland has...we pretty much walked, bussed or trained it everywhere we went. and it was so fast and easy and wonderful! Right away Russ could see I was falling in love, so he reminded me not to get used to it!
- the ocean...we only went one time, but it was enough to make me very nostalgic and at peace, and the longing was too much for me to handle

- Powell's Books, the city, the people, being with Russ and Lucas all the was kind of heavenly!

Photo sources: tree is me, gold star, felt butterfly mobile, socksOregon Coast

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