Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Portland Photos..."Everything Else" Pt.1

Sunday This is Portlandia. She is a mother-huge statue sitting on the top of the Portland Building with her hand open and welcoming all those who come to Portland. It was quite an occasion when she first came to town. There are pictures of the event in our hotel lobby...I think all of Portland came out to see her. We passed her on the train everyday on the way back to the Hotel.

Monday...we went to the zoo. These are Lorikeets and for $1 you get a cup of nectar to feed them with. At one point I had four of them on me, screeching in my ears and trying to eat my earrings! They were so much fun. The zoo was okay. It's pretty much a standard nice zoo. But it was a lot of walking, and we were all sufficiently zooed-out by the end.

Tuesday...a full day. This is the Robertson Tunnel for their MAX Line (like the LRT). This particular station can be accessed by a 260ft elevator ride. Oh my. It was super cold and windy down here. There are core samples of the earth on the walls and a mini-history of the world. And it's a bit of a touristy stop (zoo, arboretum, Foresty Centre) so there were always a lot of older folks looking lost down here!
The Robertson Tunnel
The Children's Museum. Lots of fun things for the under-5 crowd. Waterworks, and a dress up theatre, and a pet hospital and grocery store, and lots of space for Moms and Dads to just hang out and watch! As you can see...
Men At Work
Lucas really enjoyed it, and was sad to leave.'s a place to play with diggers...Lucas was really sad to leave!
Kids at Work

Powell's. This bookstore is huge, so large in fact, you need a map to figure out where you are and where you're going. I bought a couple of books, but this is definitely a store that I could come back to over and over again. And it was very busy, even for a weekday!
Powell's Books

Cargo is a beautiful wonderful store that I could shop at everyday. They have vintage furniture and vintage photos and masks (lots from Asia), and decor, and greeting cards, and really just amazing stuff. Plus, they were having a big sale...heaven!

this is us waiting for the train. we did a lot of that! but it was good.
waiting for the train
I have to go get some groceries, but will be back with Part Two of "everything else" this afternoon. Wish me luck (I'm still in my you think the Superstore crowd will notice?)

p.s. I haven't finished my travel album yet, but I'm going to try and work on it today. Maybe you'll get a post on that by the end of the week. I didn't give myself enough room originally, so now I have to add some more pages and finish up the favourite part, hardy har har.

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