Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Portland to follow

#1. Powell's Books (you need a map to get through this store)
#2. FOOD! We hit up 8 out of 8 Triple D locations!
#3. Walking in the Pacific Ocean the last day of my 29th year with my guys
#4. Cargo. This is a shop after my own heart
#5. Lorikeet feeding time at the zoo

I'm preparing a "real" Portland post, but first I have to go through all of my photos (500 or so) and prepare a little write-up for each. I'm also going to split the posts up into "Food" and "Everything Else"...Food was apparently very important to us on this trip!

later skater alligator

p.s. I got to run around a gym this morning with a hundred or so elementary school kids. it was so rad! And I am totally going to let it count towards my work out goal...

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