Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gee Gosh Oh My

Lucas, Russel and I went to the awesome new boulder and splash parks in Mill Woods last night. Lucas was reluctant to get in the water at first, but then he was happy to get wet. The water runs from 9 to 9. We left around 7:45...right before the rain came! Lucas was shivering, but he had a good time.

And I got nothing at all done last night. Nothing. Not even the pile of playschool stuff I was supposed to be working on. Didn't even touch it. But I did watch two excellent episodes of two of my fave sci-fi shows. That counts as being productive right!?!? HA! Stargate Series finale (from 3 years ago...I'm a little behind), and a really cool Doctor Who episode. I am thinking about dressing up as the David Tennant-Doctor Who for Halloween.

I've got the crazy hair, so all I'll really need is a three-piece suit and trench, white converse sneakers, a sonic screwdriver, psychic papers and a Brittish/Scottish accent. shouldn't be too hard...eh?

Yesterday I failed to mention that I ripped a hole in the front of my skirt, and killed my phone thanks to the construction in our office. Yay me.
What else?...I think I need a donut. Too bad that doesn't have anything to do with anything!

My "Something Most Lovely" Class is running on Saturday. For more details, click here. i am really looking forward to it...two really awesome ladies are signed up so far! We'll see if I can get my act together by the weekend and have things run without too many issues! HA!

Can you believe that people are starting to look forward to fall? Summer is so short, and so not done, and yet there are lots of bloggers out there talking about boots, and sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes with no discretion! I'm trying to pack as many summer activities into these last couple of weeks before school starts!

But I must admit that there is something about the heat of a fall day. Hot sun on your face, with a cool breeze in your hair (if you have any, which I don't) or on your face. That smell, that fall smell. The leaves turning. Yum. The other day Russ and I saw one branch on a poplar tree whose leaves were all a bright golden yellow. The rest of the tree as green as can be!

Twisted Sketches Layout...I should post that or something!

And I can't believe I haven't posted this picture yet!! me and Garner and the Sonic Bunny after my epic Van-Man failure! Check out my big $5 bill...ooh baby!


Heard a fabulous new song on the radio by a fabulous old school band! Devo is back people!!

Skip David by zooming ahead about 20seconds. I'm hoping this video comes out okay. I disconnected the speakers at work and don't feel like reconnecting them today.
I think it's a good song. But pretty much anything that reminds me of the 80s is awesome in my books.

and speaking of the 80s...
Happy National Duran Duran Appreciation Day!!

later skater alligator

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  1. That's awesome Lisa!! I didn't know you were in WITVM!


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