Monday, April 26, 2010

to blog or not to blog?

Major Rant announcement...on the naughty unofficial blog. Be warned...

I have really been getting excited about the new Baby that is about to make me an auntie! Eek!

So I am now unconsciously drawn to baby items to I need more of that in my life!

Here is a bunch of super cute cutesies I have found! Enjoy!

Sources: Onesies, red sandals, robot t-shirt and Vans socks at Black Wagon, Monkey alpha tee from BioME5, Future DJ onesie by TomatKids, leggings at Kawaii Kids, personalized graphic tee by HandMadeJig. All of these sites I found through Modern Kiddo if you're interested in more cute stuff for kids.

I have only three things to say:
#1. do those Vans socks come in big kid sizes?
#2. Ditto for the Monkey tee!
#3. Would I look ridiculous with an owl on my big butt?

Also, I really love all the organic options coming out if only they were a little bit cheaper! Does anyone else find it ridiculous to spend $20+ on a onesie that will soon be covered in spitup and poop and will be outgrown within the month?


I am passing on this post by Laurie: She is having a Garage Sale...everything is priced to go (read: lots of free things!). I have witnessed Laurie's craft room....she has lots of stuff. And I also hear she hates moving stuff. SO I can only assume that she is trying to get rid of as much stuff as she possibly can, just to avoid moving it. So be there or be square. I am planning on sleeping over to be the first in line! All the details are on this post, so check it out. Yay!


This episode has been brought to you by the Letters Q and J, and the number 17.

p.s. have been reading the comments on Danielle's Sometimes Sweet most recent blog post. I must admit that I have never once thought of my blog as a selfish place, where I am trying to wow my readers with my glamorous and most fabulous lifestyle. And "win" with the most comments and followers. Although I will admit to checking on an hourly basis some days for more comments...eek! And I do have a glamorous and most fabulous lifestyle that I'm sure everyone wants to hear about and be jealous of.

Do I sound selfish here? Do I seem like I am trying to impress? Does it seem like I am a shallow blogger? Do I just post about nonsense and nothingness? And do I really care? No. Not really. And does that make me a selfish blogger...maybe, but the point of my blog is to document my life so that when I forget, something of me will still be here.

I apply a healthy dose of sarcasm to my everyday life, and therefore my blog as well. Why take everything so seriously? And why bother worrying about what other people are thinking about you not taking things seriously enough. Oh gosh...I feel another rant coming on. But I will tame the Wrath of Khan here and move on. Just move on.

later skater alligator


  1. I want the robot shirt! A and I have been watching lots of Big Bang theory and I want some of the shirts Sheldon wears! :D

    Sure, who wouldn't love hundreds of followers and eons of comments? And sure sometimes when I blog and get no comments and feel down but ultimatly I always remember it is for me, my sort of diary. It is your blog, do what you like :) There is so much more in life than worrying about what someone thinks about your slice of the internet :P

  2. LOVE U!! Will set aside a special box of goodies just for u...

    See ya Sat~!

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  4. 1. I don't think you're selfish. I think you're interesting.
    2. An owl would look just fine on your butt.
    3. You still spit-up and poop on yourself? Then I wouldn't be spending $20.00........;-)


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