Sunday, April 25, 2010

our road trip

here are some pictures from our Road Trip to Vulcan this weekend. It was pretty awesome to see Nimoy in person! We didn't get really close, and my pictures are kind of crummy, but still very cool! Plus when we were at the Calgary Comic Expo I got to see Data! Those pictures are really really really crummy! But I still got little goosebumps!

In Vulcan, outside the Visitor Centre. They aren't allowed to call this the Enterprise, so they've called it the FX6-1995 (it was installed in June 1995).

One of the souvenirs you could buy! These were very popular! Live Long and Prosper foam it!! They were also selling plastic ears, and some totally rad t-shirts.

This is a big rock in front of the Visitor Centre, with a little memorial to Gene Roddenberry (the Creator of Star Trek). His son visited Vulcan and there's a picture and note in the Visitor's Centre from him, as well as from other Star Trek actors who have visited. Lots of Klingons, a couple of Cardassians. Tuvok is coming in June. (he's the Vulcan from Voyager)

Here we are waiting for the parade to begin. I think every Vulcan resident was looks like they brought the whole old folks home out as well! I ate the best donut of all times, from the Vulcan bakery. There were little tables all over the place selling coffee and cookies, and they had a couple of food stands set up.

This made me chuckle every time I saw it. That's a Klingon o up top there.

Nimoy in the parade. He stayed in the truck the whole way up the street, so if you were on the wrong side of the street, you got a crappy view. Thankfully we were on the right side of the street! We actually had a good view, until people from farther down the street wandered up and in front of us. Including all those video cameras with media was actually kind of annoying because they were already getting a great view and behind the scenes access and all that.

Nimoy and the Mayor. They had a whole convoy of Vulcans walking in the parade. All dressed to the nines! Very cool.

It's me and Data! I love Data!

These are a pair of ears that Nimoy wore in the original series. He is loaning them to the Visitor Centre for one year.

Look. It's a red barn.

At the Comic Expo. I got to see Brent Spiner from a distance. It was still pretty cool!

Lucas was wearing his Superman t-shirt, so this Super Zombie kept coming right for him. He wasn't freaked out, but he wasn't too keen on the idea either. She was a terrible zombie!

There were so many awesome costumes at the Comic Expo. But I felt bad and totally weird about taking pictures of people. There were lots of other people who didn't have a problem with asking! Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar, the Watchmen, Batman, Stargate...all were represented. Plus a bunch of other comic and fantasy ones that I didn't recognize. And it was so busy. And there were so many cool booths! It was pretty expensive for us to go ($25 a pop, plus $12 for parking...thankfully Lucas is still free most places!) for the amount of time we spent there, but it was still really fun and neat to see!

I can't wait to scrapbook these fellas!

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  1. Awesome! How cool that he finally made it to Vulcan!

  2. I was in Vulcan about an hour ago. but just for a pee break.
    Glad you got pictures, I feel like I was there!

  3. I wondered if you would go!


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