Tuesday, April 27, 2010

today is a "Starbucks Day"

That's code for I had a crappy morning...but this is my month of no Starbucks, and I'm too close to the end to ruin it! So I just made a giant pot at work. And my buddy Judy was very happy when I told her...apparently today is a "Starbucks Day" for her as well!

Russ and I went for Margaritas at Earls last night. We were very disappointed not to see their Margarita Monday deals on any menu, nor advertised by Cassy the Friendly Waitress. But we were very very happy when our bill came, with prices reflecting the $2 off margarita Monday-ness I got used to in University! YAY!


May and June are big months for us. Mother's Day, Wedding Anniversary, Father's Day, Russ' birthday. So it has been suggested that I need a list for potential Mother's Day gifts. And instead of risking another good intention "Snuggie" I am putting together that list!

#1. A fab cardigan from Joe Fresh. I have been looking for a red cardigan for years and years, without any luck. Joe Fresh has come out with a whole line of super cute cardigans in every colour under the sun...except for red! Argh! That being said, I wouldn't cry if I got a purple, blue, green, or orange one!

#2. An Eames Rocker. I don't need another chair for my living room, but need and want are two different things! This one is from here.

#3. Knee high striped socks.

#4. Made in somewhere-other-than-China gardening gloves. Preferably something rad and eye catching! A pitchfork for turning my compost.

#5. Personalized jewelry with my boy's names!

#6. A super cool basket for my bike!

#7. A "pair" of nightstands. I have been thinking that a coupe of mismatched ones, but in the same colour would be so awesome! And vintage/used is best.

And anything else I might think of before Mom's Day...this was just off the top of my head today!

We got the latest issue of Country Living at work today, so now I am all inspired to try some things out at home! Like photocopying some pages out of textbooks and kid's books to frame and hang (that was my own idea!) I'm feeling very inspired this week, but am afraid that I have another busy week ahead of me. Meetings and a class (maybe my students will show up for this one) and work Ntl. Scrapbook Day.

I am working on something cool for NSD at work. KC and Chan gave each of us a little paper mache bust to decorate...and mine is looking so beyon rad!! I can't wait to share it when it's done. I guess that's destined to be my sole project this week. And put together a package for the Supplies Swap, and finally mail Electra's prize! I ran out of thread so it took me longer than anticipated to finish it, then I put it in an envelope too small for Canada Post's standards. But it has been on the road...it came with me all the way to Vulcan and it even passed through Electra's city before coming back home with me. This week...I promise! ACK!

k...must go to bank so large rent cheque does not bounce!


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