Tuesday, April 06, 2010

this week in the news

I ate so much food this weekend. Giant blimp alert!

And I was so not ready to go back to work. I ended my lovely long weekend with a 2.5 hour meeting in a tiny little hot room, talking budget stuff for the league. Why oh why did I ask to be included in these??

But the rest of the weekend was great! Highlights include:
- going to two different playgrounds!
- Lucas spending only five minutes at one of them because he was worried about the car (we parked it in the 7-11 parking lot across the street, got a Slurpee, then walked to the park!)
- Lucas following around the big kids at the same playground, then running away giggling
- Russ baked soft pretzels from scratch! He's stealing things on my 30 Before 30 list...but it doesn't count for me because I didn't help
- Strathcona Farmers Market
- The fabulous Mexican bakery we stopped at...and bought the most delicious treats!
- family time

And now on to the Webbering portion of the post...
#1. This Etsy article. It's always nice to find eco-friendly stuff out there, especially for kids.

#2. The lady who wrote the above article has a helpful blog where she profiles more eco-friendly kids stuff. Her shop is pretty cute as well!

#3. One radular site that I found I'm not sharing...because I want to purchase some baby gifts from there and all the ladies in my life having babies read my blog! So no spoiling the surprise!

#4. Sewingmomma's etsy shop is full of beautiful, handmade fabric baskets! I want one of everything!

Current Projects:
I have gone back to using my old bag/purse. Even Lucas noticed, and now he askes me every couple of days why I'm using my old bag again! But the outer layer of the strap was in rough shape. Very very rough shape. So I cut off the ratty pieces and am now hand-stitching some pretty pieces of sort-of-coordinating fabric on to it. It's turning out to be very fab...even Russ thinks so, except he didn't say "fab". Once I'm finished, maybe I'll post some pics.

I also did some Spring Cleaning yesterday! Gasp!! I cleaned off my nightstand, and reorganized my jewellry in the big dresser...man do we ever need a new dresser! If only I was as handy as those writers for Readymade. I would just repurpose the dresser and make it better than ever. But I'm not. So I can't.

My budgeting and recording purchases is going very well. Now I just have to figure out how to combine my grocery budget (on Mastercard) with my Farmer's Market purchases (cash)...hmmm...But my new fancy wallet is on it's way! YAY! Anyone know how I go about getting more of those handy recording books that come with my cheques? Can I just ask my bank?

k. so no pictures for now. And I might be a sporadic blogger this week. That cleaning up I did the other day has inspired me to tackle the other messy corners of my room and Lucas'. Wish me luck!

my giveaways aren't in the mail just yet. have some last minute alterations to take care of. I was also putting together my package for the Supplies Swap I'm participating in. And then I read the original email again and found out it was supposed to be in the mail today...oops! One day late isn't so bad...right!?!?

later skater alligator

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