Friday, April 02, 2010

New stuff

I designed a new class for TM last night at the crop...a messy art journal

Check out the TM Classes Blog to see some more pictures, and for all the boring details.

I love messy classes like this!


I'm currently participating in a supplies swap through a blog I follow. Essentially, Elaine took names of people who would like to participate, then assigned partners to everybody. It's now up to us to contact our partner, get addresses, decide details (cost, amount, handmade extra, etc.) and send the package. I'm swapping with someone in the States! It's a fun way to clean out some of your unused supplies, and get a little fun mail in return!

I would like to have a supplies swap as well! I think this is a genius idea! Especially with all the spring cleaning going on in houses around the globe right now...not mine, but I've heard it's a popular phenomenon.

Leave your name and email in the comments section if you would like to participate. I'll give it a week to get names, then do up a post with the what's-what. Yay!


Here's an antique mall find that I picked up ages ago, but never shared.
It's a wonderful old sewing basket. It's full of my yarn and sits beside my rocking chair.



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