Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday DIY

Now watch closely as I show you how to make an ugly wreath less ugly.

- an ugly wreath made out of sticks or whatever
- yarn and ribbon in coordinating colours
- scissors, wire
- letter stamps and black ink

First you need an ugly wreath.

Cut off all the "decorations". I left the hemp string on to hang it by.

My wreath was a couple of "sticks" formed into a circle, so once I removed the pieces holding it all together it got really flimsy. That's where the yarn comes in to play!

You can save the non-ugly bits if you want to re-purpose them in your new wreath. I'm saving the wood banner and the wire.

Grab a piece of yarn. Tie one end to your wreath. Hide the knot on the back.

Start wrapping your yarn around the wreath.

 If you are using shorter pieces, tie the ends together when starting a new piece, and hide the knot in the back.

When you've got all the yarn on that you want, tie off the end to the wreath.

Find some nice wide ribbon that matches your yarn. Mine is exactly the same colour, but that's cause I dig monochromes! Use a pattern ribbon if that's what you like! Tie it in a bow.

Figure out where on your wreath you want it to go.

Now take some wire (I'm using the stuff I saved) and insert it through the back of the bow.

Now position your bow on the wreath, pull the wire around the back and twist it tight! If your wire is too short to fit all the way around your wreath, feed it through the sticks and twist it off closer to the front. You could even glue it on, but this way makes it easier to change up the colour of your wreath as the season changes!

Apparently, this is when I took a little break to hang out with Lucas. Isn't he just the cutest!?!?

Now for the extra decorations. You can pull together whatever you'd like to add to your wreath. I wanted to keep this one simple, so I'm only adding back the wooden banner from the original wreath.

Flip it over, grab some fab letter stamps and some black ink, and make your own greeting!!

Now figure out where you want this to sit on the wreath, and use some wire (or yarn, or hemp, or ribbon, or whatever...) to attach it back to the wreath. Just fit your wire through the sticks of the wreath, and twist it off.


For those of you who are so keen on Easter, maybe add some eggs or chickens or whatever. This wreath can be customized and changed up for the season, or your decor. It was super quick and simple to put together, but really fun too!

Congrats to my Giveaway Winners...I'll get your packages in the mail Monday! Yay!

I'm spending the rest of the morning editing some pictures for Blogging purposes, then I'm thinking of ditching the boys to go to an Antique Fair at Northlands! I am so lame!!

later skater alligator

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