Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday DIY

This week, as sort of promised, my DIY is all about art journaling. Some basic stuff here. Nothing too in depth or instruction heavy.

This week while surfing some of my faves blogs, I noticed that the most awesome Nadine had done a little post up about art journaling on her Delite Inspirations blog. And I promise you I had already come up with this post before reading that's funny how great minds think alike!

So by all means check out Nadine's post as well. It's always nice to have more than one perspective when it comes to art stuff!

You will need (at least):
- A pre-made journal, or pages to make your own. I like using leftover and misshapen cardboard pieces that I collect in a large "organized" pile in my room, then hole punch to fit in a binder. Cardboard (or watercolour paper) holds up well when covered with multiple layers of paint, collage, and wet media. But use whatever you have on hand and makes you happy!
- Random bits of paper and ephemera, collected from your life
- A black pen (I like to use Sharpie because it's nice and permanent and comes in some pretty fine tips)

Sometimes I like to use the chipboard and bags I use to protect my work surface while I'm painting and spraying. This gets half the work done for you!

Next I glue down some random paper scraps, or tags, or labels, or any paper-junk that I have been collecting. I have lots to choose from!! This includes leftover scrapbooking paper from other projects.

I like to build all these background before I do my journaling. Depending on my mood, or what I'm thinking the page may reflect when it's done, I'll just keep adding things that interest me. And then I stop. And then I write.

If you want to add more paint, ink, spray ink and other wet media, you can do this before, after, or while you're adding your paper bits. My pages featured here aren't very paint-heavy. I just started pulling papers that I had laying around and was satisfied with how things turned out.

Here are the same pages above, with a little extra love and attention!
(I might add a nice picture to the one below)

Each person will have a completely different looking art journal! Try to remember that your's will be as unique as you are...and don't worry about "copying" the style in someone else's . Art journals are all about documenting your life in a visual manner, trying new things, new techniques, and just creating something that represents all that you pressure!!

I love to doodle and paint, but I find that my art journals are mostly paper and spray (with masks), with the odd cloud doodle thrown in for good measure. I like to use personal "memorabilia" and random bits from my life: something with my name on it (labels on mail), tags from clothes I bought, or clothes for Lucas, tickets and pamphlets from trips, etc.

There are some great collage sheets for sale out there that will really get your creative juices flowing! And there are lots of great video and written tutorials on different mixed media techniques, transfer techniques, painting, inking and whatever else you can imagine that could possibly go in a book! Remember that art journals can be a great place to test out a new technique before trying it for reals! And then you have a record of how good (or bad) the test went!!

Here are some basic prompts to get you started:
- Start by introducing yourself! What you like, what you don't like, where you live, your age, and some favourites. This sets the tone for the journal, and gives you a reference point, so that when you go back and read previous entries you can see how far you've come as an artist and how your tastes and style has changed over time!
- Think about some long-term (or short-term) goals and dreams you have. Write them all down, no matter how "silly" or simple they may seem. If you complete one, journal about it on a later page!
- Find a wonderful picture of you absolutely love for whatever reason. Write about why you love it, and the feelings behind the picture.

A final tip: Don't worry about bad grammar or spelling mistakes and don't be afraid to cross something out or paint over it if you don't like it.

For more "professional" art journaling check out the following links:
Teesha Moore
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Ingrid Dijkers
"How To" tips
Google Search - Video results!

There are a tonne more if you "Google it", but these are ones that I have either used myself, or that caught my eye in my own Google searches!


I have decided to combine this DIY with a GIVEAWAY! You read that right! I have a copy of Keri Smith's Wreck this Journal that I found for a steal at VV to giveaway, since I already have my own copy! (more on this book here)

Please leave your name in the comments plus your favourite colour combination right now! Mine is purple with anything!! I'll draw a name and announce the winner in my next Friday DIY. Good luck!


And a giant shout out to my pal Electra. She took my Self-Portrait challenge and came up with this beauty!! I love it!

later skater alligator

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  1. Hmmm, that looks exactly like me!
    My favorite colour combinations (today) is yellow and purple. I went to Chapters yesterday to buy WRECK THIS JOURNAL and they didn't have it! They do have BOGO sale this weekend though. (waaah)
    Have a funny weekend all!


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