Thursday, April 29, 2010


this is what a giant nerd standing on a chair looks like:

and yes...I left the house looking like this.

I was inspired by this lady to take a photo of myself standing on a chair in front of a fun wall.
Her pictures are much cuter. And staged much better.
Oh well. I made do with what I had on hand.


It rained all day yesterday. I was sad to see it had stopped this morning.
I am hoping that all this rain turns my dead grass and dirt yard into something more green and lovely.
But I am not holding my breath.

Lucas and I had a lovely day indoors, playing games (Disney Yahtzee, Marvel Chutes and Ladders, and Go Fish with SpongeBob cards). He is really jonesing on the Board games lately! And he was very adamant that I come play with him instead of check my email. Very!

We hung out at TM for the staff meeting last night, and Lucas was very thrilled about the plumbing work going on in the customer bathroom! Such a boy!


Coming up on Saturday I will have completed the following "goals" this month:
- Donate $$ to the Food Bank (you can do it is super fast and easy!)
- working out more (still not back to where I was...)
- No Starbucks all month
- Kept to my budget, writing things down and thinking more about my purchases

From 30 Before 30 list:
- Go fly a kite
- Road trip to Vulcan
- Monthly budget
- No Starbucks!

Things I wouldn't mind having help with on 30 Before 30 List:
- day out with girlfriends
- wander through the art gallery
- make cupcakes and have a tea party
- go "antiquing" in another city or town

Next month I want to:
- Have a picnic (30b430)
- donate $$ to Donate A Ride
- finally call my financial advisor and get more money moving!
- Mail my fun labels that I've been doodling for the past couple of weeks
- Treat myself to something fun for being so good with my $$ in April!!!

Feast your eyes on these...
gaffer tape from The Emporium

Teesha Moore's incredible drawing-a-day "comics" so inspired!!!

Biscuit has such super this beauty is from Urban Outfitters, so how could she go wrong?

M thinking of trying my hand at a bright animal painting. Like the one above, or the deer Elsie posted on her blog. My ladies just aren't "doing it" for me lately, and maybe to get out of the rut I need to really get out of the rut! Nothing with human eyes or clothes...k maybe clothes. I really like the fox drawing I did...have I posted that yet?


oh it home time already. I called this day done ages ago. I got a bunch of weird questions about taxes and T4 and remittances and I am so not the person to deal with all of this. So I figure I should just go home, let the weekend happen and then face this with a bright new outlook on Monday morning.


If you are in Edmonton on Saturday, come harass me at TM. I will be there and square for the whole day...except when I skip out to take in Laurie's fab garage sale! Eek!

later skater alligator

ps. sorry bout the long post...too long?

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