Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so boring...so busy

Last night I got some scrapbooking time in. And I added some text to some art journal pages. And I got to snuggle with Lucas, who is feeling much better. So I was feeling much better!

And Russ was working on a logic statement for work, and he solved it, so that was exciting. If you like that sort of thing...

Crafty Stuff
Anam gave me a bag of unspun wool for Christmas because I had mentioned that I would really like to try needle felting. But I honestly had no clue where to start! As I was going back through some of her old Cloth Paper Scissor magazines that she lent my ages ago, I found a very cool project! With full needle felting instructions and colour picutres and everything! And now I can't wait to buy a felting needle - sharp and scary! - and a foam block - so I don't prick myself with the sharp and scary needle - and get to work! THANK YOU ANAM!!!

I still haven't finished Kara's arm warmers! Argh! But the neck warmer that I made myself - it's pictured in this post - is now Lucas'. I put it on him as a joke yesterday, and it is so big on him, but he kept it on! And told me it was his neck warmer. So now I have to make him one! Tee hee!

Work stuff...is going much better today. Much less stressful. But I am doing payroll, so I am very busy! And I have to go to the bank later and get some money moved around so the cheques I wrote yesterday will clear at the start of the month! Now, I just have to figure out where the bank is...


Tonight is swimming. And a real dinner, so I'm not sure when I will have time to craft. Or what I will do.

To do list:
- email pics of Riff Raff layouts to Kara (first i need to take pictures of the layouts...)
- finish her arm warmers

I would add more, but I'm trying to be realistic here! By the time dinner is done, and put away, and snuggles/playtime is had, and bedtime complete with story and more snuggles, and then work out and stretch, my night is over! Anyone else feel that sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day?

Sometimes I wished I was self-employed and could control my own time, whether it be from home or from a shop. I know I would still be busy, but at least I could get more done while "at work". I crave a good multi-task. The only other thing I currently do at work aside from work is blog, poorly! But if I could blog more, update an online shop, upload and edit photos, go for coffee, read blogs, create, craft, sew, scrapbook, and all that was considered work...well I think that would be a little piece of heaven!

But I think that's for another lifetime...at least not right now!

Gosh...how boring...no pictures or anything. Well, thanks for letting me chat...

later skater alligator

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  1. awesome :)

    if you fancy doing felt balls get a pair of kitchen rubber gloves (dollarstore) the friction helps squash out the water... you literally just roll the felt in your hands for ages.. i did a ton just watching tv one night...

    if you are about on saturday i'm going to try to make it to the store .. but it depends on the house etc


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