Monday, February 22, 2010

k. m back.

So how delicious do those Red Velvet cupcakes look, sitting in the StarBucks counter? That's a treat! But I went with the tried-and-true Low Fat Banada Chocolate Chip cake. They used to have a high fibre, flax, breakfast bar that was heaven in bar-form. But that was when Lucas was still a baby. Guess it got axed for the breakfast sammies, which I have never tried. Are they good? Anyone?

Veronica, how was your review? Have you had it yet? Right now at the "real job" we are going through the same thing, but for everyone. The new Doc takes over in June and everybody is on edge!

I can be fashionable. I can walk the walk, so-to-speak. I will express myself through my clothes, and damn if I'm going to censor myself because I might look strange...that is, not like everyone else. Oh well.
all images from weardrobe

I see a style emerging. High waisted skirt. Cute blazer/jacket/cardigan. Belts. Coloured tights. This is my style school.


I just found out that the lady I am covering for might not be back right away. In fact, she might need more surgery, so she might not be back for another month. I am feeling very overwhelmed. I am feeling like I need to go run and hide. I am feeling like a need a mental health day. Or a mental health week.

At least I get to do payroll tomorrow. I'm good at that!

Am busy buying glasses on etsy right now. Glasses of the eye variety. My old ones that I have been wearing are too strong, so reading, working on the computer, watching tv, etc. etc. hurt my eyes. I have a headache everyday...a low, dull ache. And it's really starting to annoy, so I am upgrading!

here are my purchases:
both from this shop. shipping is only $5 to Canada, and is combined. So I only pay one shipoing price even though I bought two pairs. And it was my biggest - aka priciest - Etsy purchase to date, but I have to keep reminding myself that for two pairs of frames, plus exchange and shipping it's still cheaper than a new pair (of frames) at home! I will still have to get my lenses put in, but that's a simple affair.

It's just that now I have to wait...and wait...and I hate waiting!

But I love mail!!


I think I'm done for the day. It is still looking so gloomy out. But I'm going to go home, get my sick Lucas - he told me he wanted to skip school today...he is such a teenager - and relax at home with some scrapbooking. I need to take time for me this week. Lots of me time. Get stuff done, yes, but with no pressure and no deadlines and no pressure. I know I wrote pressure twice, but it's the most important one!

I hope everyone has a great {Monday} evening and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

later skater alligator


  1. Review is tomorrow. Still on edge what to say. I know what I would love to say but I don't think that is polite...

    Love the dark blue and yello combo outfit! I need more skirts and cute outfits like that! I feel like a big blob today with too short of pants and a shapeless shirt. Woo hoo Monday.

  2. Those cupcakes are to die for. The icing is so sweet but delicious! I read your previous post and know all too well how it feels to be in those relationships that just are more taxing than rewarding. So as yuo told me, I shall tell you. Lisa, I value your freindship! I value your commmetns and encouraging words! Now back to this post... LOVE those first frames! So fabulous! Have a wondeful week!

  3. me again....
    ...sorry about all my crappy spelling!

  4. Those glasses are ultra cool!


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