Monday, February 22, 2010

A mix of things...sorry about all the wallowing...

Outline: I want this Blog not only to reflect my art and my interests, but my self as well. My personal life. my everyday existence. That means the good with the bad.

First: the wallowing...

Do you ever feel that you give something - or someone - 100% and nothing comes of it? That you give and give and give of yourself and get absolutely nothing in return? Not a pat on the back, or a "good job" or a prize or anything. Not that I need rewards for everything I do, but it's nice to know the work is appreciated and actually worthwhile on my part. At my Playschool Board meeting the other day our Chairperson told everyone what a great job she thought I was doing. And how she knows things can't have been easy for me these last months, what with me going up against my friend at the League meetings and being all alone up there trying to defend playschool with no help whatsoever. Her kind words lifted my heart. They made everything I had trudged through worth it...made it so I wasn't doing it all for nothing.

The same thing goes with friendships. What happens when you find yourself more invested than the other person? Lately I've been feeling that my time would be better spent getting back in touch with some of my old friends than continuing on the path I am on. I got a special care package from Kara this morning...a couple of little trinkets sure can put a smile on my face, even though it only lasted a moment before I remember the quagmire I am in.

Do you ever feel like you have taken on too much? That you thought you could handle it, and it didn't seem like a craze-fest at first and now that you are in this far you find that you are in too deep and things are becoming unbearable. Welcome to my world...


This week I am learning that life is what you make of it. That you can either take the bad and make it good, transform it into something that works for you. Or you can be a complainer. And then I thought, sometimes bad is just bad. And then I thought, somethings just aren't worth getting upset about. Case in point: Style School. It just wasn't what I thought it would be. At all. They should have called it "30 Crafty Projects with a little bit of guest blogging that you can just access on our blogs for free the other 365 days a year". Yeah. 

So do I feel "ripped off"? A little. Do I feel as if they misrepresented their class a little? Yep. A little. But am I still going to go back through the blog and do as many as the crafty assigments as possible? You bet! And am I going to make an effort to apply those little craft projects to the main intent of the class, which was to help me find my style? You betcha!

But, is adding buttons to a collar for my dog supposed to help me identify my style? Or making a bear apron? Or...whatever. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it just fine, so maybe it's just me.

***** more self pity. Let's get on to some fun things!!

This photo is amazing!
This is a real life model. Not a painting! Can you imagine? You can actually see her bikini lines, but the rest of her shirt is painted on! Wow...I wish I could find the actual original site. The link is for where it appeared on digg.

Russ reads Digg all the time. There are some neat stories on there.

I wanted my Friday post to be about music, but never got around to writing it.

Recent "Old Skool" Album purchases:
Fats Waller: Everybody loves my baby, but my baby don't love nobody but me
The Four Lads: Istanbul was Constantinople

New stuff:
Band of Horses, Song: The Funeral
Beck, Album: Modern Guilt, Songs: Gamma Ray, Youthless
Company of Thieves, Album: Ordinary Riches, Song: Oscar Wilde
The Features, Album: Some Kind of Salvation. Song: Lions
Melissa Auf de Maur, Song: Taste You
One Republic, Song: Apologize
She Wants Revenge, Songs: Tear You Apart, All Wound Up
Tegan & Sara, Album: The Con, Songs: The Con, Break it Off, I was Married, Knife Going In, Back in Your Head

I make a new list everytime I jump in the car and turn on the radio. There's always something new, or new-to-me that catches my fancy. I heard a cool Weezer one this morning. The new Silversun Pickups album sounds great. Song: Ambling Alp, Artist: Yeasayer. Artist: Cribs, Song: We share the same... Artist: Temper Trap, Song: Sweet Disposition.

There are lots of great new Wave-type sounds coming out lately, and I am in heaven! Think Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, alt-pop, synth mixed with keyboards and guitars, with great rhythmn and mean beats and amazing vocals. Just my kind of stuff!

My little pocket journals are filled with great material. This is one of the main reasons I carry one around with me at all times. Not only to journal in, but also to keep track of all the music I hear, but never remember to check out later.

For those of you who use iTunes, here are some quick freebies. But, it's first come first served!

Redeem this code for "The Very Best" by Yalira: L9T6PX7K9P93.
Redeem this code for "Dead Man's Bones" by Pa Pa Power: ARWRKR36JWX

These are from extra StarBucks Pick of the Week cards I've picked up in the past. So keep that in mind...these picks are usually soul, jazz, moody, "coffee shop" type songs.

Speaking of Star Bucks, I just reloaded my gift card online, so I'm going to go down the street and pick up a Personal Quad Venti Americano No Room. Yummm.

But I'll be back...


  1. Do I ever feel that way? Yes.
    Sometimes I just have to go through it, not over or under or around it, through it, to get to the other side.
    And sometimes that just SUCKS. Hang in there, Lisa, it will pass.

  2. wallow away sweets. I think we may be living parrallel lives. Do you think our bosses are related? I'm with ya on the friend front as well. I keep telling myself that there is an ebb and flow to relationships and that sometimes people just aren't thinking about me as much as I think they are...
    Be selfish once in a while. It's ok. Really it is just you taking care of number 1!

  3. Yup....I have put my heart into some weddings(free ones) and get nothing, not even a thank you. That pisses me off.

    Miss you.


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