Saturday, February 20, 2010

yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away

I started a post yesterday that was titled: "m mad again...mad mad mad"

Yeah. You can see where my day was headed! In addition to some other things, I found out that my boss is on holidays for three weeks and he didn't tell me, so there are no cheques to pay things. And the other boss did the same thing on Wednesday, but his office manager had the brains to get some cheques signed cause I wasn't even in the office that day. Argh.

So I got nothing accomplished at work.

But I headed to the antique mall after to look for some birthday presents, and my mind was calmed and I felt much better...emotionally that is...I developed a major headache and looking at all that "old clutter" was giving my eyes an unpleasant workout. But it was still fun. I bought some jewellry for a friend and a funny button for my step-dad. And a totally rad sewing bag for myself. Plus I got to listen to the witty banter of the twenty-somethings at the till. I want a job at the antique mall!

Good News: my Ranger Technique class sold out! In fact, it oversold! Wow! That's seven people who don't think I'm a loser and want to learn stuff from me! Hazaa! I had given up all hope in my classes, but this is my redemption. I am very excited and can't wait for next Saturday!

Technique Update: Went live yesterday. Here are some peeks. I had loads of fun playing with my new Kitschy Digitals stuff. I see another digital/hybrid scrapbooking post in the future!

I finished a super fun mini album last night at the Crop. It's to celebrate the Family Day/Valentine's Day weekend. It's small, but cute. And I used my new favourite mini-album binding system on it. Which I am sharing as a technique next week, but might share with you guys ahead of time!
Once I add my pictures I'll show you the rest of the album. I didn't buy anything new for this guy...I'm just using up "old" stuff. My new favourite technique!

Lucas is headed to a Birthday Party in half an hour. For one of his playschool friends. He is very excited. He keeps asking if it's at Damien's house - which it is - and then telling me he'll get to play with Damien's toys. He  got very sick this week. His cough is so bad. Russ taught him to cough into his sleeve, and it is kind of totally cute! Every once and awhile his voice disappears and he tests it by saying the same word over and over again. Now that is hilarious!

Did I tell you that Russ bruised his coccyx on Family Day while we were tobogganing. Ouch...that hurts! But he got lots of air at least!

I think we're headed out to the party soon, so I will sign off now.

later skater alligator


  1. Love love love the self portrait! You look amazing in blue against that green wall!
    Thanks so much for my surprise that was waiting for me when I got home yesterday! Lovely but where were my leg warmers???? grin...kidding!
    Hope to see you in person one of these days!

  2. Oh my, quit it! Your classes are wonderful and the one I took was a blast! Remember, I drove 3 hours to your class and three hours home. So quit it. Those folks who signed up for your Ranger's Techniques class are so lucky, they have no idea how much fun they are going to have. So quit it! I think you're terrific, darn it!


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