Thursday, February 18, 2010

nadine made me some chocolate covered pretzels so now I'm eating the whole bag...y'know...

Yesterday was the best day! I fit into my skinny jeans! Lucas & I spent the whole day at WEM, hanging out with Jill a little, playing in the playground, eating some sushi, checking out the Disney store. We were both exhausted by the end of the day, but we both went to bed happy!

So I decided today would be an Etsy finds day. And I pull up the website. And i am in love with every single one of their Handpicked Items. That never happens!

So check it out:

grey yarn; Every Monday typewriter...; Darwin butterfly; Wish; teal samsonite; grey ruffly bag; zipper ring; pretty grey pinafore; beauty bag; amazing peacock print; felted flower brooch; one lump or two print; coffee & cake tea towel; cake time tea towel

I have been creating a lovely "30 Before 30" list that I can't wait to share with you! But I am feeling very overwhelmed with things on my plate lately. I have all this important Playschool stuff to deal with...budget issues, can we afford to hire a new teacher?, keeping the blog up-to-date, typing up minutes and getting them to all the relevant parties. This has become a second part-time job! And I'm not getting paid in money, but in good karma and self-satisfaction. Ummm...okay...

I hate to impose a schedule on myself of when to do "work" stuff and when to do fun stuff, but I just might have to be a little more organized so at the end of the day, it all gets time and it all gets done. I made one arm warmer thingy last week for kara, and just stitched it together last night. It is super totally awesome! And didn't take a lot of time. once I'm finished the pair, I'll take a pic then take orders for anyone who wants stylish, yet warm arms! I'm thinking of making a set of leg warmers for myself. For walking to work on those chilly spring days. And now that I know I can do it, I'm excited to buy some fun yarn!! Yippee!!

I am feeling a little "off" today. I'm not sure why.
Etsy is only sort of curing my blues.
nesting card

I bought some fun scrapbooking stuff online yesterday, that I can't wait to use! It's digital!! But I'm just going to print it out. It's actually related to this week's technique, which I really need to work on tonight. hey, that's already got me feeling better! A little crafting to remedy my melancholy.

I have finished three layouts for the new Riff Raff shapes...check that...they are still missing photos so I guess they're not completely finished! HA! But they are super cute already, so i can't wait to share.

this post is making me super happy right now. I haven't been too crazy keen on any new CHA-related product I've seen. BUT Hambly always gives me ting-ting-tingles.

speaking of ting-ting... this going to work...I dunno

I really wanted to be leaving here by 2pm, which is coming soon! And I have been slack-slack-slacking off for the past 20minutes. I am coming in tomorrow morning, so nothing is terribly urgent. i am coming in tomorrow because no one else will be here and I will be able to work with minimal interruptions...finally!

***welcome to the randomness that is my brain***
that's what this post should have been called. it's "alternate title"

cest la vie, eh?

So tonight...knit 2nd arm, start and finish technique layout that goes live tomorrow, print photos for Riff Raff layouts and stick said photos on said layouts, read some blogs! I feel I have been missing out!, relax and rejuvenate, not think about playschool to-do list! ha!

am working at TM LNC tomorrow, so stop by and say hi. we are having pizza and I will be making a mess, as per usual.

NOTE TO GINGER AND LAURIE...I did forget about your winnings! AACK! But I will get them to you tomorrow come hell or high water. Laurie's will come hand-delivered to her door, because I practically drive past her house coming home from work. Ginger's will appear magically at TM, as if by magic. Y'know...magic...

later skater alligator

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  1. I'm glad you got them (thanks to Kara). Sorry I couldn't drop them off myself. I hope they were yummy!


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