Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lunch time!

Usually I get a start on my daily post long before lunch time hits. But not today.

First a recap of the weekend.
Saturday night: dinner at Boston Pizza. Yum Yum Yam Fries.
Sunday: Lucas went swimming with Grandpa. Watched some Olympics. Knitted? I think? Dad & Heather's for dinner.
Monday: tobogganing with Mom & Heath at MillWood Park. Very busy. Lots of stupid people walking up the middle of the hill. For those of you not from tobogganing/sledding backgrounds, there is a hill etiquette that must be followed if you are to survive. Sled down the middle. And walk up the sides. Not right back up the middle. Because chances are there is someone wanting to come down right behind you. Note to parents: teach by example. Also, sled at your own risk, and always keep an eye up the hill because you can get out of someone's way faster than they can get out of yours. Most of the people - parents and children alike - at the hill on Monday were not familiar with this. Mother totally ran down some girl who was walking right across the middle of the hill with her Mom. Mother and Lucas shouted all the way down "get out of the way" and the Mom actually moved, but the girl didn't even look up. Y'know, I don't even really feel that bad...does that make me a bad person?

Dinner at Mom & Heath's. It was a long, long weekend for Lucas and he was grumpy! And went to sleep right away when we got home! I haven't been working out for the past couple of days, and was feeling very lazy. So we watched some Olympics before going to bed. Yay Canada and all, but I am sick and tired of watching the Alex Bilodeau clip over and over and over again. On every channel. Every time there is a break before a commercial, or after, or if they have 2 seconds before they go to the next reporter, or etc. Sunday or Monday morning desk anchor Lisa LaFlame actually said she hadn't seen it in awhile so let's play it again. And she was being serious. Oh. My. Gosh.


k. So I was going to post some fun things here today, but first I just want to say that if you saw "my" office right now you would think some sort of paper throwing tornado had just been through here. Also, i am under the impression that some people here think I sit around all day twidling my thumbs just waiting for someone to give me something to do. That is so not the case. Even though I spend some time blogging and webbering, I am actually quite the busy beaver. So the commands "just pull all the invoices" and "get me this date and any correspondence" etc. etc. serve no purpose other than making my pile of mess a little larger and more unruly. Thanks anyways.

oh, and my to-do list keeps growing and growing. I have varying levels of urgency to everything in it. and there are some things that sit at the bottom forever because I don't know what to do with them.


With all of this I find I need some colour in my day. so here goes:

can you see a pattern here?

that's probably it for me...for now. am off to gt the munchkin and do some watching of swimming later. there's nothing like a trip to the pool to invigorate the senses...even if I'm not actually swimming!

i tried to take a photo every day this weekend, so I'm going to do a little love-familyday-inspired mini album to share with you later this week. I'm all about the mini holidays!

later skater alligator
sources: hot pink yellow grey outfit; red polka dot
dress; socks to die for; the perfect pair of shoes


  1. I {heart heart heart} those red shoes!

    Nope, you aren't evil not feeling bad about a kid being mowed over. At Rundle there was only once with 2 young girls walking up the middle of the hill. Everyone else was smart and stuck to the sides.

    And I hear you about the replaying of Olympic clips. Maybe now it'll be clips of the other gold medal winner that happened today. Snowboarding I think...

  2. You're not a bad person. and I'm sick of Alex B too. it was awesome the first 67 times...


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