Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Weekend!

This morning the mini-fam and I went to the Farmer's Market! Yay us! Lucas complained on the way there, but he really likes it there. All the different smells, and the people, and the cookies! He picked out the cinnamon buns - the ones with icing - and really wanted some sugar cookies but I had to put my foot down! He helped pick the cucumbers, and carried my giant bag of pears for about 30seconds before it got too heavy. Even Russ bought some things. It was a good trip.

I have been working on two mini albums today that you will have to wait to see! One is going to be a technique, and I used some of those fab postcards I bought at VV awhile back. It is super cute and I can't wait to share. At the crop last night I actually planned out all of my Techniques until May. It's a miracle! Now I just have to stick to the schedule, which is a whole other can of worms!!

The other mini album is to share my "30 Before 30" list. It is an old 7Gypsies album that had originally started out as something totally different. But I pulled it all apart, starting making a mess with stencils and Glimmer Mist and spray paint inside, and now it's ready to be journaled in! I am leaving room for a picture or two of every goal accomplished. So far I only have two things on my list, but I have time! Not much, but it's not hopeless. I'll take some pictures to share once I have more done.

I'm really loving my new stencil books: Stencil 101 by Ed Roth and Stencil Me In by Martha le Van. They are great for adding a little something-something to my layouts, to art journal pages, or whatever. I know that Dina Wakley uses the Ed Roth books, and the lady Chan & Darryl & I took a class from in the fall uses the Martha Le Van stencils in this book. Quick and easy and so fun!

The new Glimmer Mist is at TM...are you jumping in your car yet to get over there? Some great new colours, plus a much-needed restock. I am still mildly obsessed with all things yellow and orange, but I ran out of Lime Green today, so I might need to stop by myself. Doesn't it make your heart beat faster? I'm planning on actually doing a Technique post trying out some other spray inks and comparing all of them to each other. Should be good for a laugh!

happy day...

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  1. love your blog!! i'm so glad i found it (via red velvet style school)!


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