Friday, February 12, 2010

is it friday already...?

So I am operating on very little sleep...very very little! But on the plus side I did catch up on some of my recorded shows! The final "episode" of Emma did not disappoint. Very romantic. I try to keep a couple of romantic shows on the box for later viewing. Right now the faves are: The Lake House, The Holiday, Part 3 of Emma, The More the Merrier, and Blue Skies, which I haven't watched yet.

Hopefully my post will be coherent enough for you. At least I have some pictures to share today! Note: I just realized that my iPod must not be on random, because this is the blank# Metric song I've heard in a row...not that I'm complaining: "All the lace and the skin in the shop couldn't get you off...All the noise, all the voices now have stopped".

Some things I made the other day:
This little book is filled with the extra draw slips I used for my giveaway. And I wrote up a little blurb for each Blog reader. And used up some random bits laying around.

A little drawing I did.

Coffee...always coffee

And my fab outfit. New sweater from Joe Fresh paired with old ruffly tank from Joe Fresh, plus jeans got me into a very spring mood. So I took my socks off, put on a pair of cute silver flats, then had to trudge through the dirty snow in the parking lot of the pool. My judgement was definitely impaired yesterday. Good thing I didn't have to make any big decisions...

I am busy submitted layouts to Can. Scrapbooker this morning. Well, I don't know if busy is the right word. I am worried that some of my other work didn't go through because I didn't get confirmation emails for each layout. But I am not worried. I'm just going to keep submitted as if nothing is amiss and wait and see. I got my layouts back yesterday that are going to be in the next issue, which is on its way to my mailbox! Yay! I can't wait to see how my layouts look in print. I'm actually more excited than I ever thought I would be, which would explain this crazy need to create and submit as many layouts as I possibly can in the next two days.

Plus I have all my latest Riff Raff shapes to work on, and I took a bunch of V-Day photos of Lucas already that need printing and pasting. He did a craft!!! AAH! I have to document it!
We had to do 15 Valentines for his party this morning, so I pulled out some old Simpsons ones I had and asked him to colour on them for his friends at school. I thought he would colour on the back, the blank side. But he proceeded to colour every face and word and whatever else deserved some extra pink sparkly goodness on the front of the cards. But he did each one. And he didn't complain. And he was happy to help!

And doesn't he look handsome at his party? Momma decided not to dress him like a out-of-work something-or-other today, He is wearing a button up shirt and real pants! He looks so much like his Poppa it breaks my heart!

No plans for V-day as of yet. Looks like we'll be spending it with my parents...yay...tobogganing or skating, or whatever the weather allows. I want to have a quiet moment, just the three of us, but we'll see. I was thinking tea, out, with deluxe sammies or something. Maybe Farmers Market on Saturday. Low key. Y'know. That's the way I like it.

I would like to go to a movie with Russ. Maybe see A Single Man...looks beautiful.
I love both Julianne Moore and Colin Firth. If you're ever seen Far from Heaven or the that lady has poise and grace and charm and beauty...the whole package really! And she was in As the World Turns and a Tales From the Darkside movie! HA!

And Colin Firth is just a hot shame in that! Yummy!

I'm cold. I should eat and make more coffee before I have to get Lucas. His treat bag was very full...looks like Mom has a lot of candy to eat this weekend.

Planned for this afternoon...nothing at all. Maybe a nap...

later skater alligator
p.s. don't forget to check out the final heart technique today.

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