Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Positive...Think Happy Thoughts...

That is my mantra today. I am not going to have a bad day. I am in control of my attitude and my outlook and I can make the best of things!

So let's not dwell on my mood! Let's find something more fun to talk Children's TV Shows!

I don't watch a lot of TV. Diners Drivers and Dives is our favourite show, and that's all I've really been watching lately. I turned off the automatic recording of all my once-favourite shows (like CSI & CSI NY), I don't watch the Monday shows with Russ anymore (unless I'm really exhausted and just want to sit, which hasn't happened that much lately), and with all the crap on tv right now, I don't feel I'm missing out!

I do, however watch lots and lots of kids tv. Thanks in part to the small one I live with. Wednesdays are definitely tv-days in our house. It's our first "home day" of the week, so we usually just vegetate on the couch (Lucas) and on the computer (Lisa), eating and chatting and just hanging out. I used to feel bad that I wasn't using this time to stimulate his brain and work on his printing or something, but now I'm just happy to sit and listen to him demand more pickles or celery or organical corn pops.

His favourite show is Johnny Test.
It's about this kid - Johnny - who has these genius sisters that put him through these experiements, and he has a talking dog, and when he farts he calls it "poot". It is so not appropriate for a four year old, but it keeps him entertained. He also likes: World of Quest, Animal Mechanicals, Scooby Doo, & SpongeBob.

I was shocked when Lucas started to ask to watch iCarly. It comes on after SpongeBob on YTV, and I would usually change the channel, but he likes it. Don't ask me why...but I am in LOVE with this show!
It's about a girl named Carly, and her friends Sam and Freddie who do an online webcast. And they discuss such things as meatballs, goofy stunts, being silly, fart jokes, etc. Sam, the co-host, has a little machine that can make canned laughter or boos, or applause at a touch. Carly's brother is a sculptor, but he uses strange items in his sculptures, like dog hair, and old pop bottles. He once bought an ostrich because a Magic Eight Ball told him to. I laugh my butt off each episode. It is ridiculous, and cute and wonderful! You may remember Miranda Cosgrove, that's Carly, from School Of Rock. She is all grown up, and has great comic timing and great delivery. The quick banter between her and Sam is amazing! I enjoy this show immensely and will be sad when Lucas is too old to use as an excuse to watch it!


I have been trying to think of things to add to my "30 Before 30" lists...that's 30 wonderful things to accomplish before I turn 30 in the fall...but I can't really think of anything good, or cool, or interesting, or anything! I was thinking of doing up a little mini-album, but if you saw how far I didn't get on my "29 Days before I turn 29" mini album you would laugh at me for even suggesting such a thing!

I found someone's list on the Internet that I really liked, but do you think I can remember where to look? The answer is no, I can't.

Make lists was on her list. Every Wednesday or something, she makes a random list about music she likes, or food she wants to try, or whatever. So she is going to have 52 by the end of the year. I am getting a late start, so I won't have that many. But that's kind of cool.

Ooh! I just thought of one! Back bread from scratch. That would be awesome! And cinnamon buns.

Visit my Brother in Victoria. Go on a road trip to Drumheller.

K...this isn't so hard...I'll do up something fancy with the list as it stands and post it here next week. Don't let me forget!!


Is it time for StarBucks yet? I inadvertantly brought two mugs today, so I at least need to get a cup of something! I have to plan my forays around lunch and coffee breaks, when the line up is out the door. 11:09...sounds good to me!

Note: This morning I mis-read the thermometre outside our kitchen window and thought it was much (much) warmer than it actually was. So I threw on my spring blazer, ignored my ear muffs and headed out. The walk to work was chilly willy! Ack! BUT, my day got better when I pulled two parking receipts out of the machine! So I taped the second one to the machine...a little pay-it-forward action to start my day! Not too shabby...


I just got off the phone with Telus. I think she's the same rep I get everytime...just by funky luck! My issue was finally escalated to the manager of my "dedicated account representative" whom I want to shoot in the foot right about now! We are still paying for a phone line that we don't actually have. This has been going on since August, when I asked them to change it. The unfortunate thing about having a "dedicated account representative" is that when I call her it doesn't get logged the same way as a normal call centre call does. So no one has any record of all those messages I've been leaving her, and the fact that none of them have been returned! I need a break...


At playschool on Wednesday I got a tatoo. Trystan is quite the artist! I almost had a full lower arm sleeve before I convinced him that it looked great and he was done! The girls had quite a giggle at that! Makes me really want to get one for real! I really like this series of posts on this blog on Tattoos and the ladies behind them! One of the contributors said that for your first tattoo, get something that can be covered. 'Cause what if you hate it? And now you and everyone else has to see it all the time for the rest of forever! Good advice! I would love something big on my lower arm, but maybe I'll get something little on my wrist or collarbone to start. Then if I hate it, no big deal!

I am very inspired by tattoo art. Silje is my fave that I've found that tattoos, but also paints in the style of tattoos. Her stuff is very beautiful and colourful...check it out. Plus, she's so adorable she did up a little video to let people know how to say her name: "Sil-Ya"

Here are some of her more recent paintings. I grabbed all these pictures off her blog, which is listed in the sidebar over there<<<<


wow...I had a pile of work to get through and I did! But my Blog post has suffered for it, and now it's time to go home!

swimming lessons, then some crafting tonight? I didn't finish Kara's heart, but I did get her Fun Mail to her...hand-delivered! The little headband I made her is fabulous! And I wish I got a picture...but I'll just have to make some more and then post those! They are inspired by a "penny quilt" I found on Etsy the other day.

Speaking of etsy, I've been etsy shopping for some glasses to replace my broken ones. Only now I can't decide which ones I like best! The lenses would be covered by work, and you really can't beat $50 - $80 for a pair of frames! Even with shipping they are way cheap, and the vintage ones have such life and character! Oh my...check out my favourites and help me pick a pair would'ya!

later skater alligator


  1. iCarly is the new face of Nutrogena. I read it online today. I know child stars don't get paid like millions of dollars like Angelina and Brad but they are probably making more money than I am. How sad. And then some turn out from Lizzy Maguire to Hilary Duff...acting and singing and dating a hockey player and will have more money than I'll ever make in a lifetime.

  2. Just thought i would tell you he bought the ostrege because a magic meatball told him to. And you don't need an excuse to watch it my dad is almost 50 and still watches icarly so don't feel bad its a good show


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