Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's always darkest before the dawn

Monday was a low day. Tuesday picked up a bit. Finished payroll, with no errors - fingers crossed - which is a always nice for an ego boost! Got a nice workout in.

This morning I finished my Riff Raff layouts, took pictures and sent them to Kara. Her arm warmers are done, so that's both of last night's goals done!
New favourite stuff to use on Riff Raff chipboard? Nail polish!! Woo hoo! (blogger...why do you hate me so, and always flip my pictures...why why WHY???)

I've got my Peter Pan Bike Messenger look going for me today:
I was inspired to try this after reading Kara's blog post about "fashion faux pas"...specifically wearing black and brown together...gasp!! So I put on my black tights with my brown capris. Green shirts and scarf combo make it Peter Pan. And the black tights with black shoes remind me of all the Bike Messengers I see scooting around downtown on a daily basis. They wear short pants, because of their bike, but it being so darn cold out, they also wear black man-tights and black bike shoes. So stylin!

Technique update is up...first of two this week, then we're down for a week while I work on the new Blog. Check it out, especially if you like postcards!

And I stopped by TM to get a magazine I saw on the Blog and was treated to the best surprise of my day:
My name in print...happy happy day. Get them while they're hot!!


  1. Yeah! So happy for you! Can't wait to get my copy!

  2. Whistle , Clap, Cheer!


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