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if I had a shop what would it be called? dunno...i'm really no good at this sort of thing!

As you may have noticed I really like to talk about myself. But I did recently hatch an idea for a new Blog feature. Here is the story...

I have been lamenting the fact that I am not oart of an "artists community" here. And missing out on all the things I imagine I must be missing out on...being surrounded by art and other creative inspired people and blah blah blah...when I thought...but I am surrounded by smart and creative and talented people! These type of people are some of my bestest bests!

So the newest addition to my Blog will be a series of features on my creative, talented, friends! So if you get an email in the next week or so, requesting some biopic-type information, please don't delete it! I want to show the world all the cool people I know!

And this would help my blog become more worldly, attract a new following, and most importantly give some relief to those of you who are sick of me talking about myself all the time! I'm sorry. I'm just really conceited, y'know.


That being said, I still really like to talk about myself. But I already know a lot about me. Maybe you don't. Some of the other bloggers I read have asked their readers to ask them questions...gosh what is it with me and sentences that barely make sense and are really long and rambling...???

Anyhoo, I have also decided to open the floor, so-to-speak, and let my readers ask me any and all questions they want. You decide what I write about here. You rule the school.

Hair, fashion, crafts, love...nothing is off topic here...I mean ever!

But let's not ask why I am so awesome, or how I got to be so awesome and gorgeous and popular and successful, because I think that's pretty obvious.


Sometimes I forget that there may or may not be people who read this blog who are unfamiliar with the level of sarcasm and irony and cynicism I employ in my writing and my everyday life. I don't take myself seriously. I make fun on a daily basis. I say things that would shock your mother.

And if something sounds tacky, or over-the-top, or self-righteous, or fascicious, that's because I wrote it that way...on purpose...cause that's the way I roll.

I should put a disclaimer at the top of this blog...hmmm...

What was I talking about again? Oh that's right...I want to know what you would like to know about me! Put any questions you want answered in the comments of any post, or email them to me: lisakercher[at]gmail[dot]com. And I will dedicate an entire blog post(s) to them.


Here's a little sampler of things I might write about...a little "did you know" about the Fabulous Formerly Lisa S.

Lots of people ask me if I have an Art degree. Or if I took art in University/College. The answer is no. I took some Visual Communications classes in High School. Photography, painting, drawing, etc. But it wasn't art class.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies. In my final year of school I desperately wanted to be a forensic anthropologist...think Bones the tv show, except in real life. I used to be able to name all the bones in the human body. And tell you which was which just by looking at the tiniest of pieces. I used to be able to tell sharp force trauma from blunt force trauma, based on the reaction of the bone. Post-mortem, ante-mortem, all of that, was swimming around in my head. I owned a copy of Grey's Anatomy...the actual famous anatomy textbook, not the tv show.

I also knew about australopithecus and Homo erectus, and the social structure of native Tongans, and how Italians traditionally farm. I could tell you about the funeral practices of many different cultures around the world, past and present. I use to volunteer in the Anthro lab and make casts of stone tools, arrow heads, and help photograph bones and skeletons for the collection.

I was also a giant keener when it came to Religious Studies, specifically Judaism. I took Ancient Hebrew for my language requirement, which is funny because it's not actually a spoken language anymore! It would be like taking latin, or Olde English! I took a class where we analysed the book Chronicles, and I was the youngest person in the room, and also the only non-grad student. There were less than 10 of us. We sat in a little tiny room and talked about the Bible from a scholarly/historical point of view. I did my final paper on King David.

At times I wanted to be a biblical archaeologist, and travel to Turkey and Israel and Lebanon and Syria and all those other places where so much has happened and so much is yet to happen. My mentor in this field was Ehud Ben Zvi. He was so wonderful. But I think I disappointed him when I didn't put my whole head and heart into the field that he was so passionate about.

Ultimately, I wanted to travel the world. And find people and places that have yet to be seen by the modern world. And help track killers and genocide victims. And learn about humans in every sense of their culture and their past and what that means for their future.

But know how this story ends...


I need a bagel back soon!


I decided I would just eat my lunch early (it's 11 now). So I'm back quicker than I thought I would be!


Speaking of lunch, you should check this out. Russ & I only went to Dinner Revolution once, and enjoyed it, but a lot of things we could have just made at home ourselves so we were kind of disappointed. But this menu looks so good!
yum yum yum

Today's lunch=leftover roasted vegetable lasagne from Superstore. Verdict: needs more cheese.

Question: Do you Tweet?
Answer: No...should I?

I have noticed that a lot of people use this as a means to advertise themselves...their blog, their Etsy store, or whatever. So I think, maybe Twitter would be a good way to get "out there" more.

And then I think, wait, why do I want to get "out there" more? What do I really have to say? What do I want people to hear?

And isn't Twitter just another mass-marketing venue disguised as a social networking site?

Answer: yes...I think so.


The computer at work is on this stupid little space-saving desk. There is a tray for the keyboard, but no separate mouse tray. There is a lip on the tray. It is made of wood.

Why am I telling you all of this, you ask? Because I think this set-up is why my right hand has been so sore lately. Resting your wrist on a wooden lip to use the mouse is not comfortable. Dianne never has an issue because she doesn't use the mouse a lot. I, on the other hand, use the mouse a lot and I can't stand it! So I think I might go out and splurge today and buy myself a new mousepad. One with the cushy wrist holder thingy. Woo hoo!

also, am thinking I need a way to save inspirational photos all in one place. I have some here at work. Some on the laptop. Some on the main computer at home. And it's too hard to go back through my blog to find them all. So I am also going to buy a little usb key, for this purpose! Ooh la la, I know.

I have a super cool woodgrain one that my sister gave me. It was a promotional item from the place she works. But she had problems getting stuff off of it, so I think I will invest in a new one to save myself the potential pain later.


Yesterday Lucas & I went to the mall. To Zellers to look at the toys (he actually requests this). Then to the food court to get the square fries (Mexi Fries from Taco Time) and an Orange Julius. We stopped at the pet store (I hate pet stores...too depressing) to look at the puppies. Lucas just breezes through, but when we were leaving he said he really wanted a kitty but we couldn't get one because Poppa is allergic. And I said, nope. And we can't get a puppy or a guinea pig either.

So on the drive home Lucas tells me that Poppa is allergic only to things with fur, but we could get a fish because fish don't have fur. Genius!

but can't you just imagine this scene in my house? p.s. I would love a green couch as much as I would love an animal! and Boston terriers are at the top of the dog-list today! oh my, how cute!!

this space is very exciting and inspiring.
Lucas really enjoys helping me paint. He always wants more paint, more paint! But I always end up using his paintings as starters for mine...k maybe not always... I want him to have something of his own that he can hang up in his room.

Rachel from Smile & Wave always has such cool things for her kids. And I was immediately inspired when I saw this picture. Three canvases. Each painted a different colour, with Brett's artwork on top. I love them. And want to get started right away! What has taken me so long?


these leaves are so purty (also found through Rachel's blog)
pretty much everything in this flickr stream is amazing eye candy!

things to try this weekend:
- make cupcakes
- make funny cupcake toppers
- make header for new Techniques Blog


My Ranger class sold out! Plus Chan had to turn two people down! Oh my!
Still not sure about how I feel...classes-wise. I just don't feel my classes "sell" to the general public. What I'm offering, nobody is buying. I guess people don't want to do layout classes anymore...they're more interested in all the home decor baubles out there. ho hum...

Hey Lisa...NO is Rex Manning Day!
(if you have never seen the movie Empire Records you need to go rent it right now. like, drop what you are doing and walk, nay RUN over to the nearest rental shop and get it on! So many of my favourite quotes and funnies come from that movie: "Empire Records Open till Midnight...midnight"
Ooh...another idea...yippee!)


wow. I have really been slacking today. oops! I might have to call it a day and come back with a fresh head on Monday. I can feel myself getting Lucas' cold. He was so sick last week, so I am really not excited about this! Will have to up my Vitamin C intake and wish for the best.

K...I am totally going home now. My eyeball has started twitching. And i have a headache. And I am just ready to be out of here. PD Day tomorrow, so no school. We'll see if Lucas wants to leave the house!

I will leave you with one last piece of eye candy from my friend Nadine. isn't she just the most talented lady evah?
get more details on this class here.
Her ranger class is much cooler than hoo! I might just have to take it! Seriously...seriously!

later skater alligator


  1. OMG Lisa that was the world's longest post. Sorry I couldn't read it....but the puppy is cute!

  2. Hey Lisa....I just happened to find your blog through the Treasured Memories site and I had to laugh. No not at you, not to worry, but at myself. I'm a pretty avid scrapbooker and really enjoy myself in my room when I get the opportunity to, but sometimes I wish to be part of 'the bigger world' of scrapbooking. My sister calls them the 'Scrapbooking Royalty', and when we do get a chance to go to crops, she gets all excited when there is a 'name' (scrapbookin' gal) there doing a class. I surf the blogs, try to keep up on the lastest and greatest, and of course wish I could somehow make myself part of the bigger scrappin picture. So do I have anything to offer? Nope, not really (ha!) but I do wish I did (just responding to your wish about the artist community). Unfortuneately between work, cute kids, woeful dogs and needy husband...oh and never ending housechores (argh!), not sure I could ever commit to more than my scraproom. How's that for a long comment to your long post! (Excellent!) Just wanted to let you know that there are others of us that wish along the same lines that you do. Or the shortened're not alone!
    Oh, and as much as I love watching people make art/home decorables (is that a word????)...I just can't bring myself to do anything of the sort...because I have no idea what the heck I would do with it after!!!! So I limit myself to things that are scrapbook pages!! Fun! Having said takes me a week to do one scrapbook page. Go figure. Anyhow keep up the neat blog. It's always fun to discover a new and crafty blog!!

  3. I love Empire Records! It's one of my all time favorites! Welcome to Music Town, may I service you? lol :)

  4. Ahh Lisa. You need posts like this everyday all day to keep me entertained *grin*

    You wanted to be a Biblical Archaeologist, I wanted to be a cultural anthropologist...

    I want to travel the world...I think working at PC I was comfortable and the $$ was good I just didn't really think about it. Now it is all I think about...I am in a transition period. I know where I'm at now (work wise at least) is not where I want to be. There is SO much to see and SO much to do! I wish I had the guts to up and leave. But I'm an oxymoron because I also want the house in the burbs.

    Ug. Twitter. I just don't get it. I know people who do it and I try to hide my despise of that. You know what I really hate? When they check thier texts or Twitter at dinner or out with me. How rude (as Stephanie Tanner would say in Full House). I hate that we are tied to the inter-mc-web so much that going without for an hour almost kills us. Yes, I complained when I didn't have a computer but on the other hand it was nice...boy I'm full of oxymorons today. Time to go and enjoy my b-day dinner my loverly boyfriend is slaving over *grin*

    Oh, thanks for the wishes! :)

  5. Boxers or Briefs?
    Seriously. ;-)


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