Tuesday, November 17, 2009

you're a strange animal, that's what I know

So one of the girls at work is having a bad day, so I thought a little People of Walmart would cheer her up. It always does wonders to my mood! Ah...laughing at other people's expense! Would you consider that a hobby? Or just a past-time?

This is kind of totally rad. I am so not a big fan of Disney (gee...can you guess all the reasons why?), but I think that "back in the day" it was the coolest thing going!
And the people's clothes and cars kind of make this for me!

This is possibly one of the most adorable weddings I've ever seen! With all the things I've learned about myself and about weddings in the past 6 years, I know that if I were to get married today, it would look totally different than my first wedding. I know that I have said on many occasions that I have no regrets with the way my wedding turned out (except for stoopid DJ), but at the time my tastes were so different than they are today. I don't know if that's just because I'm growing as a person, or because at that time I didn't fully know myself...at any rate here are some images of how my wedding would look if I planned it now.



I heart corny embroidery! This kind of image would be so cute on an invitation!


k... need to take a little intermission and head to the back. hopefully will finish this post later...

skater alligator


so Veronica wants to know what I have against Disney. My only answer is this: waste. When I think about Disneyland and Disneyworld all I can see is all the stuff that they want you to buy, or eat, or buy. All the made in China plastic crap. And all the land that is used not only for the parks, but for the parking and the hotels and everything else associated with them. And all the materials it takes to make the rides and the signs and all the other "atmosphere" stuff. And all the pollution generated not only from the stuff there, but the pollution generated by the visitors to get there. Everything is just too much, over the top, extras.

I would pay top dollar to attend an eco-friendly, sustainable amusement park...but I doubt I will live to see the day such a thing exists. And yes I know that Disney recycles, and now offers you fruit and veggies to eat instead of just plastic, greasy crap. A step in the right direction. I guess I would need to see an environmental impact study, or some kind of carbon footprint analysis to change my opinion of them. yeah... These are kind of the same reasons I can't stand Vegas.

I would much rather visit a place with history, a view, a great place to hike or walk, local shops or a farmers market, museums and places to explore. Those are where my happiest childhood memories live.

other things...
isn't this little kit thing super cute? I might have to try making some and somehow using them in my Xmas decor. maybe to match my Christmas Chicken!

k. gots to get back to work again. can't be a slacker. not today.

am teaching a class at TM tonight...my altered canvas...and I still have to buy the canvases and pull together all the needed supplies. am going to need a drink later...

skater alligator!

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