Monday, November 23, 2009

#499...wowee wow wow

The next post is the big one! hazaa!

today I finished my christmas letter, and am printing it off as we speak. I only need a couple more addresses to finish the envelopes. And I still have to print my picture, but I need to go buy some ink to do that. I am so, sort of on top of things this year! I have no idea what I am buying for gifts...I think this is the year I buy a goat. That seems like the best plan.

I need to buy two presents for gift exchanges, Russel will probably get something small, yet awesome! And lucas only ever gets one from us, and he already has a big list going for us to choose something from.

I wish I had planned ahead and started shopping online already, like Laurie is doing. I hate the malls on a normal day...I hate them even more when they are full of crazy Christmas shoppers!

I am still planning on making some crafty ornaments, and jazzing up some canvas totes for wrapping gifts. Christmas is a low-pressure time of year for us...we don't have company over, we don't host any dinners or anything. We kind of go where we want to go on Christmas Eve and Day. And since I'm not big on decorating the whole darn house, there isn't a lot of set up or tear down involved.

We still have to figure out what we're doing in the tree department...the tree we have is too giant to put upstairs, but we never spend any time downstairs so it's kind of a waste down there. last year I put some lights on a potted tree and spread our presents out under it and called it a day! But this year I would like a tree. I'm trying to convince Russ to sell our old one, and buy a new, small one. That would make me happy. At least then it would feel a bit more Christmas-y in the house.

Great things Lucas said today:
While watching Barney, the kids on tv asked: "what do you love?" and lucas said: "i love my mom"

this morning, lucas says to me: "I'll make a deal for you. If you come play trains with me I'll be excited."

My house smells so good right now...I baked up some apples with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and oats. I could eat that stuff all day, and since it has fruit in it, I don't feel so guilty! HA! Lucas is at Mom and Heath's tonight, so maybe we'll have this for dinner, cause I really have no other plans!

that was my little update for the day...maybe I'll get some pictures uploaded of my paper chains and my banners...but my hand is really sore right now, so it will have to happen later.

later skater alligator...


  1. looking for #500!!!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    About the goat... I encourage you to look into other organizations. There are so many other organizations that manage to actually put more of you money into what they are supposed to be putting your money into. I know world vision is an extremely well know organization-- but i don’t believe they actually have the highest % of money going to the cause. Telling a staving child about god doesn’t really fill their tummies. Oh my was that offensive? My bad.

  3. This uses 100% of mdonations to direct project causes.

    I am certain there are others.



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