Sunday, December 06, 2009


And the clouds part, and the choirs sing...Lisa is finally back!

And this being my 500th Post - woot and hoorah - I wanted to make it a special one. I've got lots of pictures and projects to share...I hope you enjoy!

Here are some of the projects I've completed in my Mixed Media class that Chantel, Darryl & I are taking on Thursday mornings. It's so amazing to have two hours every week to just create and play with paint and stuff and not have to clean up a whole studio afterwards!

Mom, Grannie & I went to the Butterdome Craft Fair on Thursday. I've never been, so it was something to see. Mostly pricey stuff, lots of jewellry and Christmas ornaments and stuff I wasn't interested in. But I did find some things...for myself! It's just too hard to buy gifts for other people at a craft fair, unless you know exactly what they want. This coptic journal was one of my purchases...I'm excited to figure out how it goes together so I can start making these for myself!
Some holiday decor. That Dream sign is another purchase from the Craft Fair.
More decor stuff...I'm really crushing on these old school wax Santas! And my little Joy doesn't match the rest of the stuff anymore, but I like it too much to take down just yet. I'll have to make another in a different colour. Turns out all my Xmas stuff is standard red & green!
Here are my paper chains!
And now for some "art journal" stuff. I've been doodling a lot lately, lots of song lyrics and random paper bits attached.

And my take on Nadine's yarn ball wreath. I had already purchased this berry wreath from Superstore, but it needed a little something extra. So I bought some cheap wool at Michaels in the standard Lisa colours, and covered some extra Christmas balls I have in my collection.
I think it turned out great! Lucas had a lot of fun "helping" me make the yarn balls, and even Russ thinks it looks good!
At the end of the post already? Im afraid so. Maybe I'll have more for you next week...I have been so busy lately that I just can't find a moment to sit and update my blog! I had to break my to-do list down...into "Crafty" and "Non-Crafty" I just have two long lists instead of one ridiculously long one!

I still have lots of Christmas decorations left to put out, and a tree to purchase, and gifts to purchase and make. But I'm getting there! I'm looking forward to hanging out with family and eating lots of turkey and cookies, and just relaxing during all my time off. I have so many creative ideas for the season, too many in fact...I just might not get around to tackling them all. I might still be Christmas Crafting in January!

Later skater alligator...


  1. Yeah to 500 posts. wow! I love the yarn balls! They turned out great in the berry wreath! I too went to the craft fair... in the blizzard on Friday. That's how serious I am about crafting :-)
    We mostly bought sauces & dips... not so much crafts @ the craft show.

  2. We went today...Lots of nice stuff but like you said pricey! We ended up buying some stocking stuffers for family (spices & hot choc).


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