Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post #496

Must plan on doing something "new and lovely" for my 500th post!

Inspires me to search "new and lovely" on Flickr. Results as follows...

Lovely Louise

Oh tatonen...now if only i could knit something other than a straight line (and not very straight at that!)

This reminds me that I need to pull my sewing machine out...I have big plans!

And if I could one day get up enough talent to make this, I would be forever happy!

Maybe one day, I'll get to visit and see this in person.

Lately I've been thinking about what Russel & I will be like when we're old and grey. I think mostly still hilarious! I can't wait to grow old with him! Oh...the possibilities of matching clothes, worn for irony only. And funny hats, and being "crotch-ety". Lovely, indeed!


I am in love with old photos, and this stream has them in spades.


On to other things...

last night Russ & I went to the Keg, with a gift card in tow. I had some delicious bacon, creamy horseradish sauce with my sirloing, plus sweet potato fries! Woot!
FYI: You pay extra for the ambience!

Some lady at another table sat down and immediately started complaining about a cold draft she could feel...ummm...because they seated her in front of a window. Yeah. So she complained and actually put her coat back on. And the manager had to come out and chat it up. I don't think I have ever been in a restaurant without feeling some sort of cold draft. So suck it up sweetheart...you're paying for that ambience.


I have my Christmas card issue sorted out! I am going to be sending out "Darryl Benson" originals...tags that is! Chantel's dad makes these rad tags to sell in the store and there is one that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE. SoO I asked Chan how much and if it was possible to get a whole bunch made, and she asked him, and he said yes! YAY!

Last year I didn't send any cards...bah humbug.

All that's left is a photo. We took some last weekend at Mom's, but she ahs been having troubles with her camera so they are all blurry. But we looked so good! Maybe I'll try printing them on the smallish side and you won't be able to tell! HA!


I am busy making Christmas crafts! Kind of...i have been wanting to make a chicken for some time now, and I saw one that I liked the shape of (don't ask me where!) so I attempted to recreate it last night. If I hadn't have run out of thread on the last panel, I would have taken a picture to post.
He's a funny little felt chicken, and I love him! Maybe I'll make him a little felt garland, and he can be a Christmas chicken!

I also purchased something to add to my Christmas decor. From Freckled Nest on etsy.

It is A PINK CLOCK!!! I have a soft spot in my heart for anything "clock"...just searching
clock" on Flickr gets me all excited! And isn't she just the cutest thing?

She is #3 of my collection. Slowly but surely...can't get too overwhelmed with collecting things, as I already have a very full house!

I almost hit a giant dog on the drive to work this morning! Yikes! A golden retreiver and some other big gold dog came flying off the top of Gallagher Park hill (the ski hill) on to Connors Road. The retreiver stopped right in the middle of all three lanes! I thought for sure it was going to meet it's maker. No leashes, and no one chasing after them, so I'm thinking they escaped from a backyard. If I wasn't headed down the hill, I would have stopped to help. But there was no where for me to stop.


I really just want to keep Flickring for pictures and Christmas crafts and fun stuff, but I should get back to work. There is really nothing for me to do...all the docs are away this week! Fancy that! I'm just "keeping busy" looking busy!!

Has anyone seen a pair of great navy blue shoes in a store lately? Fancy shoes, I mean. I have a genius plan for Russ' Xmas party, but I really need some navy tights, navy shoes, and navy tulle! If the shoes could look like the ones below, except navy and maybe shiny, I would be in Heaven!

k...I'm done for reals now! Later skater alligator.

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