Monday, November 09, 2009

christmas crafts

anyone doing any fun Christmas crafts this year? I remember the year of the ribbon trees...oh man...and Nadine always does a fun star, or banner, or something. I'm not sure what I'm going to attempt this year, but guaranteed there's going to be some Xmas Crafting in my future!

Somebody else found these, then I found them...and I love them! But I hate that styrofoam stuff, so I will have to find an alternate form to build my trees on.

I already bought a wreath for my was a total impulse buy at Superstore. It was red berries, and pretty and I wasn't thinking, so I just bought it. I hate buying new stuff when I could just make something that would look just as good. But it's done.

also, these are adorable! I already have a large paper doll of myself hanging by my front door. these would look so cute on the tree, or hanging from the latest crafty thing I'm making that I hope to be done this week so I can share!

and this is the only time that those goofy fold out paper bells look cool. I could totally try this at home on my fireplace...but I would need lights and a pine garland thing, and I just don't have those, nor do I want to purchase them at this juncture. Hmmm. Will need new plan.

and I want to try this on my big bare yellow wall at home. Until I put up a shelf. It's just too bare for me. I like busy!!
k...gots to go help a lady with a computer! later

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  1. I love Christmas crafting! I laughed when I read "ribbon tree", I bought ribbon last week to build one! I also am loving the felt tree. I bought one at Superstore for $4 and plan on building a few. They used cardboard as their tree base.


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